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8/7/11 12:41 A

Hi Franky,

I had to do this journey because my husband died from type 1 diabetes.. I was left with a huge farm and 2 ADHD kids..

I had to get my act together because my kids were having night mares.. Kids are individuals they learn from watching us..
Fat mom also fat kid..

But when I learned to do this journey for my health not dates- things got better
these days my kids are also more health aware!

My big boy went from 100kgs and is down to around 85kgs now..
My youngest son no longer is ashamed of having me hang around him..

My youngest will train with me and enjoys accompanying me to the gym..

Take it more easy, remove junkfood from your home.
Cook from the base up
and remove butter for soft tub margerine
Replace sugar with a non alcohol content sweetner

The changes have to be permenant- also visiting a diabetes clinic with my husband and a heart intensive care also put me right about what I was doing to myself..

The doctors took me aside and told me how important especially with my husband I needed to get with cooking super lean.. This was not a problem since I had been cooking for my dad..

Do this journey, because at some stage our luck gets used up and our health begins to crack.. The weak point in my life was injuries to my back.. Now I got the weight off I could drop my 1200 painkiller habit daily.. I call it a habit because strength training even with a horrible spinal injury as made me feel alot better.. I am also watching researches looking into a hormone called ATP.. This wonderful item is something the body produces and can make our joints feel better.. I am a 100% follower of what scientists find out..

Don't wait until your health cracks.. Don't panic about your wedding, do this journey because you wanna be with your darling many many years.. I lost my husband 7 years ago and it takes forever to see them again.. Death is the worst thing that can happen to a couple in love.. Believe me!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/6/11 4:22 P

Franki, I saw your other post about losing weight for your wedding. I think the first thing you need to figure out is who are you losing the weight for? Is it for you or for The Dress?

8/6/11 3:49 P

emoticon Here's your kick! emoticon

You've been feeling down but you really CAN do it!

Belief in yourself is part of getting started. I have to tell you if you follow SP guidelines for food (track accurately and follow recommendations), fitness (cardio 3-5 days a week and strength 2-3 days a week and stretching after each workout), and find motivation through SP success stories, people who have succeeded, who were once where you are, who have faced similar challenges and struggles, it will help you find your inner spark! Also, I suggest reading articles about fitness, food, and other topics that interest you. Have you completed the "Fast Break" stage? Did you write down your goals? Did you make your vision collage? If not, do it now. You'll find yourself start to see more clearly what your goals are and why you want it. Be honest with yourself. What is holding you back? Why do you want to lose weight? What really motivates you? What are your goals? Address these topics in a journal or blog and you'll start to feel more positive.

Start making healthy choices. You don't have to wait til tomorrow, next month, next week or next birthday. You can start any time! Start following the SP program because it REALLY DOES WORK!


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8/6/11 3:35 P

Frank, the key for you is going to be goal setting. Pick your long, medium and short term goals. The short term goal may be to lose a lb a week. This goal, get you to the other goals eventually. Next, design your plan to accomplish the short term goal! This has to include the proper diet, cardio, and strength training routines. I use this as just an example, as the goals have to be yours, but you get the idea. Have you been training with both cardio and strength training?


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8/6/11 3:08 P

Please people, give me a kick!
I have gone into panic mode about my weight. Feeling so down and depressed, no matter what i do, nothing seems to work emoticon

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