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LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
2/23/11 12:56 P

I really like that chicken idea, CHOCOCOYOTE.

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2/23/11 12:42 P

I had to come to terms with why I was snacking: cause I was hungry v. cause I was used to eating, or just feel like something in my mouth.

I keep cut fruit and veg on my desk, as well as mint leaves for teh "just want to chew something".

But for real "i'm hungry" snacking:
* Bake a chicken breast on Sunday, and slice it into chicken finger sized slices, package them in "snack baggies", and grab one when you are hungry. wait 20 minutes if you think you need two, just to make sure.

* there are recipies online here at sparks for online high protien bars, like oatmeal bars, or peanut butter bars. I cut them into 1/2 or sometimes 1/4 of a "serving", just cause I don't always need the whole thing, but i'll eat it, if it's here.

* fat free or low fat cheese (there are a bunch on the market now) is also a great go-to snack.

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2/23/11 12:36 P

Fruits are great for on-the-go. If you can pre-slice veggies and dip them in hummus (it has fat, but not bad fat). Oatmeal is a great snack--I know some brands make oatmeal bars, try and get them with the least amount of sugar. I love natural peanut butter, but that does have fat. I love light string cheese--it has a good amount of protein and makes me feel like a kid.

Ultimately if you're going over your fat suggestions for the day you should probably be looking at what are the big things you eat with fat in them, and moderate those rather than trying to completely cut it out of snacks. Fat is great in that it keeps you full...isn't that what snacks are supposed to do?

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2/23/11 11:39 A

I'm just starting here and my fat intake and salt intake are too high or at least just in range. I can easily reign in my calories, protein, carbs, etc. I have been upping my fruits and veggies, like carrots, celery, oranges, bananas... But I need suggestions on what I can snack on, on-the-go, that will be fat-free or salt-free or at least very, very low salt or fat.


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