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4/30/13 4:12 P

Hi, LindaB.
Just a note to say Hi and hope you are well. Noticed that you haven't posted in a while and want you to know people are still out here to "talk" if you want to.

2/28/13 9:55 P

Thanks for the encouragement. It is very trying sometimes...but he's still my man!

CYND59 Posts: 7,691
2/28/13 8:59 P

It takes a strong person to care for a loved one. It is not easy seeing them go through difficulties. Hang in there!

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2/23/13 3:57 P

Hi. I'm so sorry that you are going through this . I know a little about short term memory loss as my dad suffers from it. It's no where near what your going through. Hang in there and we are sayings prayers for you.

BPETRIE7 SparkPoints: (9,891)
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2/23/13 1:01 P

Thinking of you at this difficult time. Sending you positive vibes over the internet. Do you like music or dancing? It might help you while connecting with your husband. I worked as a recreation therapist in a nursing home and found that many of my residents with alzheimers responded well to music and the dancing/movement was good for them. It was one of my favorite programs too. If standing or balance is a problem, dance in a chair or holding on to one.

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2/22/13 9:45 P

I am sorry you and your husband are having to deal with this. You will find many supportive people here on Spark People. emoticon

2/22/13 3:26 P

Hi..I'm new to SP, been tracking for about two weeks now... I'm 64. My husband has recently been diagnosed with dementia. He also is an insulin-dependent diabetic and has a rare form of pneumonia (called BOOP). I don't leave the house unless he is with me....he won't allow himself to be "babysat". So......I'm focusing on my calories, my exercise and my cooking as stress relievers. 24-7 with dementia is very demanding but this gives me a break while trying to get into better shape for the long haul ahead. Thank you SP for being readily available.

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