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1/31/14 10:34 A

Simply just jump back, do exercise. I had my days too. Then I got back to gym, did my cardio, went back to my missed Zumba class and I feel great. Just get out there and you will get your energy back!:] Good Luck

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1/31/14 10:23 A

Keeping in mind why you want to do it in the first place can help. Do you want to set a positive example for your family, other loved ones? Do you want to look and feel awesome? Do you want to be healthy and live longer and have more energy? Well to do all of these things you have to take care of yourself, this means eating right and exercising. It can be hard I had a slow trying week myself where I slipped. But I know to reach my goals and be the best I can I have to give my all in every way I can every day.

100% today 100% everyday! emoticon

1/31/14 10:19 A

This past weekend myself and my one year old both had a stomach bug. I had been making great progress up until then, but now that we're both better it's been so hard to go back to eating right and exercising! Any tips to help get my motivation back?!

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