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LINDAT1970 Posts: 566
11/27/12 6:50 P

Hiya :)
I am not a bad eater... I actually lost all my pregnancy weight within a few weeks after having my little one. I think the biggest thing is that even tho my other children are older I am in just a bit of a funk at the moment. I have my schedule all set and eating plan downpat but have zero in the way of motivation! I love coming to Spark to feed off of everyone's positivity and I am hoping that eventually it will rub off!
I am constantly doing housework and running and playing with LO I just want to get back to those workouts that I do miss so much! I miss the high of a good run, or the sweat after a good workout! I know it will come and I really should stop beating myself up about it... but I would like to go back to work in May healthier than I have ever been! ;) Maybe I am just asking for too much I guess! ;)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/27/12 5:35 P

Can you use your 6 month old as motivation? I am positive you want to be healthy for your kids so they can have Mom around a long long time. I have pictures of my nieces and nephews all over-- my phone, my computer, my walls, my shelves. When I feel that I can't go another squat or that piece of cake looks better and better, i stare at the pictures and suddenly I can do a few extra squats and that chocolate cake doesn't look so good anymore.

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11/27/12 5:11 P

Hi Linda - I am sorry that you are feeling so low. I understand what Depression is like - I have been severely depressed myself, and am a co-Moderator on the Dealing with Depression team. I strongly suggest that if you haven't already done so, that you make an appointment with your Dr ASAP and explain exactly how you feel and what is happening. I note that you have a 6 month old - is it possible that some of it could be related to that? (tiredness and/or Postpartum Depression?)

It may be that your Dr will do some bloods to see if there is something medical going on which can contribute to how you are feeling - things like Hypothyroidism or other hormonal issues, Diabetes, low Iron etc. etc. Get your Dr to check your Vitamin D level, too!

Take a look at what you are doing physically. Are you on the go with housework? Is there something that you can cut back on to give you some quality time - perhaps putting your baby into a pushchair and going for a little walk in the fresh air? That can do wonders to help you with your motivation and depression, AND weight-control, and it would be really good for baby too.

I went to have a peek at your SparkPage to see where you live but unfortunately you don't have one. If you would like to create one and have it open so that other members can drop by you will find that you will get even more support on this journey and it may actually help you to achieve your goal :-) IF you live in the northern hemisphere, it may be that you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is made worse by the reduction of sunlight. There are ways and means around that, too, and the walks outside help significantly.

IF you don't belong to a SparkTeam for Depression, you may benefit from joining an active one. They are very active and others in similar situations will be able to share with you what has worked for them.

Good luck,

LINDAT1970 Posts: 566
11/27/12 2:15 P

Hello everyone,
I am needing motivation so badly lately... I feel depressed and sinking into this person I do not know. I am a new mom... 42 and mom of 4 ( 21,18,14, 6 months) I have been eating right but as for the getting a move on I really cannot do it... I don't know if it's exhaustion or just because there isn't anyone around me that can help me find that spark I used to have....
Anyone have any idea on how to kick start this so that I can get back to wanting this change for myself?!!
Any ideas are welcome :)


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