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2/20/13 1:32 P

I am lactose intolerant so dairy is a bad idea for me. I drink lactose free milk or almond milk most days, but I don't have an issue with yogurt. I'm not much of a meat person either. I eat a lot of beans. I love ham & bean soup (since you like ham). I also make a lot of soups in the crock pot (I usually eat around the meat!) but stuff like beef & barley soup, chicken tortilla soup & so on. I do love roast beef so I will buy a roast and cook it in the crock pot, shred it & eat it on whole wheat tortillas. Hope this helps! emoticon

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2/19/13 5:54 P

Basically, when choosing to eat, i try to make a good choice then deal with the consequences. As far as meat goes, i can choke it down cooked into something. I don't eat pork, I'll choke down chicken or turkey, until i smell it, then game over. I like ham. I've fairly recently started eating seafood, so that's kind of touch and go!
I find dairy is worse the more...uh...liquid it is? For example, i can eat cheese, but straight up milk and yogurt, forget it.

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2/19/13 4:39 P

So what CAN you eat? If I were you, I'd go to Spark Recipes (under Articles & Videos) and enter a couple things in the box. They will give you some recipes with those things in it. For instance, yesterday I entered "chicken broccoli" and got a list of good recipes to choose from. Good luck to you.


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2/19/13 4:39 P

Things like beans, quinoa, and brown rice, when bought in bulk, can be really cost effective and also very filling. Eggs are also cost-effective, although you said you're not a fan. As far as veggies go, fresh veggies can be expensive, but the frozen kind are just as healthy, and most supermarkets will have the large bags of frozen veggies on sale at least 2-3 times a month, so again, they can be very affordable (and are also really filling).

I have lots of idea, but honestly, I'm really confused from your post about what you actually DO eat, since you've stated that you don't eat fruit, dairy, some bread products, meat, and eggs. With a little clarification (by meat, did you mean all meat including fish and chicken, or just red meat? When you say "most" dairy, what's most? Have you ever tried almond milk and other almond-based faux-dairy products? Do you eat cereal? Do you eat oatmeal?), you'll probably get some more detailed responses.

Also, you can always search SparkRecipes by ingredient, so you can look up healthy recipes that include the things that you do eat pretty easily.

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Hi all, looking for some advice regarding meals I can try. Little background...I was recently laid off from work, and the Mister's hours have been drastically cut, so money is an issue. The Mister, God bless him, just did a massive round of grocery shopping, but tends to skip over healthier/low fat/what have you options.

That said, I also have a very sensitive stomach, which limits what I can eat without getting sick (not so much of an issue stuck at home now, but will be when I get back to work). For example, fruit DESTROYS my stomach, much as I love it, as does most dairy, and some bread products. I'm not really a fan of meat or eggs, but there are some I'll pick at...I'm not trying to be a picky princess, but I'm looking for some help with meals/ snacks that serve to help you feel fuller longer and, of course, are nutritionally sound. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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