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3/13/13 3:11 P

Ok, thank you again for your help.

3/13/13 1:47 P

Just continue to track and we will see what it is over time.

3/13/13 8:32 A

I already added fiber, thanks. Yesterday wasn't a typical day for me. We meet every Tuesday morning for breakfast with a local club. My husband and I share 1/3 for me 2/3 for him so the calorie count for me stays at least reasonable but it throws the rest of my day off. I have whole grain bread usually so I get more fiber from that at home than the bread they offer at restaurants.

3/13/13 7:18 A

Since your don't like fruit; make sure you add on a few more veggies. And do check your fiber intake.


3/12/13 8:26 P

Thank you so much. I hadn't thought about adding fiber. I don't eat much fruit because I don't really like sweet things. The good part of that is I also don't like cake, cookies, candy, etc. I hadn't thought about checking with the hospital, I'll do that.

3/12/13 6:58 P

Your ranges would be:
protein 60-136 grams
carb: 135-252 grams
fat: 27-60 grams

I would also add fiber to your nutrition tracker---are you getting at least 20 grams daily?? while I see several servings of veggies; I see very few fruit servings.

And since you are not responding well regarding your weight loss, I suggest that you contact your local hospital and ask about weight loss classes taught by a dietitian or an appointment to meet with a Registered Dietitian. Greater investigation may be needed---more than this site is able to provide.

Print and take your food tracking reports---the dietitian will find them very helpful.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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ELENGIL Posts: 957
3/12/13 6:36 P

I've noticed that sometimes it just takes a while for the body to adjust. If you've been under-eating for that long, the body might be really holding on to everything it's getting? While it's very frustrating, look at it from a different perspective: you aren't packing pounds *on*, and your overall health is improving. If you can, allow yourself the freedom to not lose weight right away and instead focus on other things that might be improving, such as stamina, mood, and energy levels.

3/12/13 5:51 P

Yes, I did. Maybe I do have the right numbers on my tracker but thought it must be off since I'm not having much success (yet). Thanks

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,290
3/12/13 5:02 P

You had posted about pretty much this same thing earlier-- did you also update your fitness to reflect how many calories you're burning?

3/12/13 4:31 P

Thank you for answering so quickly. My calorie range is 1200 - 1550. I have a little different problem than a lot of people though, I often have trouble getting up to 1200 a day. For years (literally) I only ate 600 - 800 calories a day and couldn't understand why I wasn't loosing. When I tried to talk to my primary care doctor about it he basically told me I must be lying to him and to just cut back more and stop cheating. I finally talked to my OB/GYN and she told me I needed at least 1200 a day. That was in January, I joined SparkPeople Feb. 4. So, I have been trying to make sure I get no less than 1200. I checked my "calories and nutrients over time" and in the last 30 days my highest calorie count was 1451, I had one borderline day where I almost got to 1200 but not quite and 6 days where I was lower.
I just reset my current weight and goal weight but it doesn't look like anything changed on my nutrition tracker page so maybe I'm wrong and they were OK in the first place. I'm just getting frustrated because I've been doing everything suggested and it doesn't appear to be working.

3/12/13 4:04 P

There are 2 things to determine. The first is if your SP calorie is accurate and bringing about weight loss. So...
What is your SP calorie range?
How many calories have you been eating on most days?

The second is to get your SP nutrition program returned to its original. Go to your START page and update your program with your current weight and goal weight. Save. I think you will find that the ranges return to their original.

SP Dietitian Becky

3/12/13 3:39 P

I need some help here please. When I first registered with SparkPeople and set everything up I’m pretty sure I tweaked the nutritional requirements and now don’t know how to get them back to what they should be, not the calories but the carb, protein, fat requirements. I know how to change them, I don’t know what to change them to for effective weight loss. I’ve been recording both my nutritional and fitness information every day for the last 6 weeks and haven’t lost anything even though I’ve stayed well within the allotted ranges for probably 90% of the time. I exercise every day for about an hour and a half unless my arthritis flares up and then I have to take a bit of a break but I still try to do something, just not for as long and not as strenuous. It seems like I lost 3 pounds by about week 3 but now have gained 2 of the 3 back. It seems I should be seeing better results by now.

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