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4/25/14 2:13 P

Thank you all for the replies. I'm looking forward to making more informed choices! emoticon

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4/25/14 11:52 A

I love my Body Pump fact, I just had a 6a (!) this morning. Les Mills changes up the routine every three months or so, and they're up to 89 routines, so the instructor has a wide range to choose from.

4/25/14 10:50 A

Being a very old school trainer I do not advocate the "bootcamp" style of training since the current research shows that attempting to alternate strength and cardio in the same workout degrades both. With a well crafted strength training workout such as a pure circuit training workout using only resistance exercises you obtain a cardio benefit which mitigates the necessity for cardio specific work. This statement is based on the research on the topic and not my personal opinion.

Do three resistance workouts a week alternating days i.e. workout day rest day,workout day rest day, workout day, rest day, rest day.Do your workouts at an intensity which allows you to complete them in 30 minutes. There is a variety of workout programmes available which support my statements. Google Turbulence Training, Shawna Kaminski or the PCC blog on Dragon Door for examples.

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4/25/14 10:36 A

Two or 3 full body strength training sessions a week is considered optimal for most people. You want to leave 48-72 hours between sessions to give your muscles time to repair themselves. It's fine to do cardio in that time though.

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4/25/14 9:47 A

How many days should I do strength training? I've been doing two days a week with boot camp, two days of Zumba, and then I walk one day at the track.

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4/25/14 9:09 A

Strength Training is always beneficial. It's true you burn less calories while lifting weights, but you build muscle. When there is more muscle, you burn more calories. Bootcamp is a good start, but usually the weight is not enough to challenge and build the muscle.

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4/25/14 9:04 A

I have been attending bootcamp, which is really good strength training, but has gotten kinda boring. Would regular strength training (weights and such) be just as beneficial? I guess I wouldn't get the results as fast, but I'm curious.
Thanks :)

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