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11/26/12 9:47 A

There's no magic trick to getting motivation. You just have to do it. I made working out a habit. I get up every morning around 4:30 and workout before the kids wake up. My husband goes to the gym. He comes home, and he, our youngest and I are out the ddor by 7:00-7:15. I just "made" myself do it, and it became a habit.

There will always be excuses. Find a time that works for you and stick with it. After 2 weeks, it will start to become second nature, just another part of your day. I'm not saying I'm amazing or anything, but I have a three year old and an 11 year old. I work full time outside the home, I do almost all the cooking, I do all the grocery shopping. My husband also works full time outside the home. He does all the laundry and the dishes. We tackle other household chores together. I take both kids to gymnastics, we all go to the 11 year old's basketball, etc., etc. I tell you this just to show that you're NOT too busy. There IS time. You just have to make it.

Temptation at work is hard, I know, my office has some sort of treat almost every week it seems. Just avoid it the best you can. If you can't account for it in your calories for the day and move on.

11/26/12 1:53 A

HI there !

I am new to this community and need some motivation.

I have been married for 4.5 years now. No kids. Recently diagnosed with PCOS (periods, blood sugar levels, fasting serum insulin are normal). Not on any medication except Vit D3.

I gained 18 kgs after getting married because of unhealthy lifestyle (turned into an emotional eater). Struggled for almost 2 years until I found a meal plan delivered to my door step. I lost 12 kgs almost 2 years ago. Found a job and have been working for over a year now. I have put on 7 kgs back . Obviously I don't fit into my clothes anymore which is very depressing.

I have been on same meal plan (different company though) but have not lost anything. I am too tired or short on time to go to gym (because of work and household chores). I get tempted at work to eat (others are eating all the time), and get cravings for almost everything when I reach home.

I lack the drive that I had 2 yrs ago and lost 12 kgs. How I do get that drive and discipline back ? I have 6-8 kgs to lose but I am unable to do so. I am very stressed out as I want o conceive and have our 1st baby (never tried before, we have been using barrier method). I will turn 29 next march. I am just wasting time.

I have a meal plan and have a gym membership. How do I stop myself from wasting everything ?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

thnx a lot !

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