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11/22/11 10:40 P

Here is a great link with some good information on carbs:

You might want to try posting your question on the nutrition forum as well, and then one of the dieticians or nutritionists can give you an answer.

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11/21/11 8:23 P

I would add more fruit, sweet potatos, corn, peas, etc. that will give you carbs...whole grain bread maybe? you can do it!

11/21/11 8:20 P

I'm really struggling with meeting my suggested daily amount of carbs and it's driving me nuts. I am a vegetarian and feel like I have plenty of rice, pasta, quinoa, all the things that I think are carby, I'm only hitting about 160 on a good day (my recommendation is 208-301).

Do you have any suggestions for this? Should I be eating more fruit, or what? I feel like I'm eating well, so it's frustrating to be so off on these numbers.

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