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4/5/12 1:08 P

I work 9 hrs a day 4 days a week with a half on Friday so I have to keep food handy.

Breakfast is a filling meal for me - so I found Nature's Path Organic cereal Flax plus Red Berry Crunch. It tastes like Special K with Red berries but it keeps you full longer.

Snack at 10 am - granola bar, fruit

Lunch - usually home made turkey chili or something that has protein. No pasta because I'll never burn it off sitting at my desk.

Snack - fruit, or those 100 calorie jello pudding snacks

I usually keep dried fruit, a protein mix, Luna bars, granola bars in my desk for a handy snack and always bottled water!

RAE_MARIE1 Posts: 9
4/5/12 10:25 A

Last night I went to wal mart and racked up on their Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice and Lean Cusine frozen meals they were all a pretty good serving size and low fat emoticon

4/5/12 10:08 A

How about kebabs? That way, you can get your protein and veggies in without having to touch the food. You can put virtually anything on a skewer - meat, cheese, tofu... even baked chicken nuggets/poppers!

KELEKONA Posts: 605
4/5/12 9:17 A

If you're still looking for ideas, I thought of another one. Fold-over sandwich bag. Either just use it in the obvious way, or use it as a glove to grab finger-food.

4/2/12 12:39 P

Wow! Thanks, I now have some options that will work and keep me from choosing junk at the store just because it's easy! I'm off on Thursday so I will do a lot of prep then for the coming week.

Y'all are the best!!

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4/1/12 11:05 P

Hand sanitizer will open up a whole world to you ... don't give up. Not sure if anybody has mentioned nuts; very healthy fats, as well as protein, but you have to limit them because they can add it quickly.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,302
4/1/12 5:09 P

think of wontons, lettuce wrapped -x and wraps when you make your lunch. want a sandwich? put in on some sort of flatbread, roll it up, cut it into sushi sized pieces and put into your lunch container. you can use picks or a fork to eat it without washing your hands. if you want rice or cous cous or risotto, you can do one of two things. get lettuce leaves, add a teaspoon or so of your grain to the middle and wrap it up, or make it, chill it, roll it into balls [you know how they deep fry mac and cheese, same general starting process only you don't bread and deep fry it], rechill it and then you can eat with a pick or a fork. for warmer fillings, you could bake them in wonton skins and either reheat or keep them warm. again, a fork or a pick would be all you'd need.
it might be incredibly time consuming outside of work, but you could hollow out small tomatoes and stuff them with filling [salad sandwich filling works, warm grain salads, cold grain salads] so you'd just need to scoop the tomato into your mouth [basically like a mini filled pepper].
yogurt, granola and fruit is also really easy. you prep and wash and chop the fruit before you go to work. then when you want to eat, you dump the fruit and the granola into the yogurt and all you need is a spoon. plus, if you don't have solid eating time, you can only add a small portion of the granola or the fruit and that way they don't get soggy in one another.
so look into dinner party passed hors d'oeuvres for inspiration. things you can eat at a dinner party without washing your hands and are conversing are the way to go. you can make them healthier or less fancy, but the main point is practical.

and you can totally eat grapes with a fork. just stab them. same goes for peas.

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AAADCA Posts: 8
4/1/12 4:48 P

Can you do celery and hummus? Sliced apple with peanut butter dip? I'm not sure if those would work but they are a quick eat. You might also consider hand sanitzer for the in between snacks.

By the way............that not right that you don't have a lunch break! It should be illegal!

KELEKONA Posts: 605
3/31/12 7:09 P

Hmmm, horderve-type foods soft enough to spear with a fork or a skewer .... Or do you think you could find some training chopsticks or finger-puppets to grab your food with? You could always devote one toothpick to each bite. That, or pack a long skewer of food and pull each piece off with your teeth.

Grapes are spear-able... cheese blocks, diced cooked meat, cherry tomatoes, certain types of pasta, cucumbers, pennied carrots, citrused apple pieces, pre-peeled orange, sandwhich cut into 9ths, food spirals, broccoli bits....

Yogurt, applesauce, aspic, quiche, anything soft enough for a spoon but firm enough to stay in it.

Drinkable soups, fortified juices with few sugary ingredients, diet shakes.

3/31/12 6:38 P

I need some help with things I can eat at work. Problem is, I work changing hours and have an odd work situation as I work in a convenience store. We get NO breaks during our shifts. (Yeah, I know, doesn't sound legal, but in this industry, it apparently is.) There is no way I can sit down and eat a salad or even leftovers because I am at my register or working around the store all 8 hours of my shift. Literally, the only time I sit down is in the ladies' room!

Does anyone have any ideas for stuff I can eat in just a few bites at my workplace? I can't do little snack size bags of grapes or other small stuff because I am handling money and will not touch my food without washing my hands first and there is no way to do that. I am about to turn into a cheese stick because that's all I can think of!

I'd sure appreciate anything you can think of. Between driving to work, working and getting back home it's about 9 hours between eating and then I'm starving.

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