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Sometimes it helps to get connected with the reason that you want to be fit. If it is to look good in "that outfit" again, put it where you can see it. If it is to be healthy enough to play with your "someday" grandkids, or take a bike tour vacation with your sweetie, find a picture that you can put in a place that you will see a few times a day.

The other thing you can do is lower the obstacles. Pre pack your gym bag. Go first thing in the morning before your life gets in the way. Lay out your workout clothes next to your bed, or even sleep in them if it helps! Make sure your favorite shampoo and toiletries are in the gym bag - leave the second rate stuff at home.

Once you get in the habit it will get much easier.

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3/7/14 6:12 P

You will feel better once you have done it. Just focus on getting yourself there.

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3/7/14 5:02 P

Maybe you need to find another gym? I like the fitness classes too, that's all I do now.

But I tell you, dragging my (increasing cute) butt out of bed at 5am on Fridays to get to a 6am Body Pump class is tough. I grumble and moan all the way.

But you know what? I have never left the gym thinking, "Damn, I wish I hadn't done that."

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I'm sure that hiking in the redwoods of California must have been pretty exhilerating. So, going from redwoods to little gym must seem like a major let down.

You know what ? It doesn't have to be that way. Exercise should be FUN ! because when you enjoy doing something (like hiking), you look forward to doing that something each and every day. So, the goal is not so much dragging yourself to the gym. The goal is finding a class or workout at the gym that you will find just as fun as being out hiking. I know, tall order.

But, check out the class schedule. Try a spinning class. Try a zumba class. Try something you've never done before. If you find that you don't like anything at the gym, then you need to find something else. Maybe a DVD workout. Maybe a bootcamp. Check your local listings. Many PTs stage outdoor bootcamps at the park. If you don't want to do bootcamp, find a park and walk around the park.

There really are so many different things you can do to stay active. What is it that you enjoy ? If you enjoy hiking, see if there are hiking clubs in your new area. doesn't hurt to look.

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3/7/14 12:32 P

TLDR: been away from the gym a long time, need inspiration to get back.

I'm having a lot of trouble. I went to Hawaii back in mid January and gained about 5 pounds in a week while I was there and I haven't been able to lose it. My dog was hit by a car and in the past month I've had to spend all my time indoors with him watching him. He is finally sleeping through the night but I've been woken up a lot during the night. I also had the flu! So I can't go for long dog walks with my dog any more (but hopefully he will be back where he was in a month or so). He is getting better quickly. And I think I can get back to going to the gym today.

But it is really hard to get inspired to go back to the gym after gaining those 5 pounds and missing sleep and just feeling overall sluggish. I worry about leaving my dog alone because he hates being alone. I guess I can leave him in a crate in the car though.

It is just hard because I used to live in a small beach town, Santa Cruz, and I could hike in the Redwoods and walk on the beach and that was how I got my exercise, and now I have to adjust to working out in a small gym indoors and it is just so unpleasant compared to my old ways of exercising (also salsa dancing sometimes even outside next to the beach) but I can do zumba classes at the gym which i enjoy...

I don't know... I am planning on going to a spin class today at noon, so hopefully i can get that done and i will probably feel better afterwards, so there's that, i just wish i enjoyed it more. like the exercise i used to do in santa cruz. oh well.

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