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10/13/11 5:54 P


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10/13/11 4:22 P

I really like many of these ideas. I have to try the baked carrots. I have never heard of that.

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10/12/11 12:20 P

baked carrots

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10/10/11 10:29 A

roasted vegetables

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9/27/11 9:32 P

Wonderful ideas here. thanks for sharing.

9/27/11 9:13 P

there are only so many ways you can make a potato. I have the same trouble with my hubby. He loves potatoes and I don't need them that often. sometimes i make 2-3 side dishes. one for each of us and then one a piece. he gets his startch and I get a healthy one. for expample, i cook blackeyed peas and green beans together throw in about 6-8 oz chopped ham and that is our entreee and make him mashe potatoes and Ill have cabbage or california blend veggies and cornbread.

Sometimes we will have potato salad, and I will load up the veggies and use light mayo so it gies me more fiber and low fat per servng. sometimes triple theamount of veggies versus the potatoes, and then make cole slaw and green beans. we have meatless meals.

Or make breakfast for dinner, pancakes and bacon, waffles eggs and grits. I
a good website to go for other veggies i

I have a cookbook here called duncan's delights that have some side dishes in them. hope this helps

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8/12/11 8:19 A

I do 1/3 cups of baked beans or cottage cheese or 1/2 cup homefies ect !

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7/12/11 7:27 P

You can use alternatives for:
White Rice: Brown Rice, Quinoa (or a combination of Brown Rice and Quinoa), or other grains and combinations
White Potatoes: Yams or Sweet Potatoes (can be baked, mashed or fried), Mashed Cauliflower can replace Mashed potatoes.

It just takes some practice and investigation to see what you and your family like and will eat.

Good Luck

7/12/11 6:01 P

Sliced zucchini sprinkled with a little granulated garlic and steamed in microwave with a small amount of margarine.

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7/12/11 9:04 A

3 bean salad
home made cole slaw (light dressing)
roasted or grilled veggies
cauliflower steamed and mashed

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7/12/11 6:02 A

Sweet potato or regular potato
Corn on the cob
Whole grain rice
Low fat mashed potato
Whole grain pasta

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7/11/11 7:05 P

In the summer I love to make a black bean salad as a side dish. The beans definitely make it a more substantial meal than just plain veggies and it is a great cool salad for summertime. Also, I find it is an easy way to still incorporate veggies into your diet without having them seem boring. SP has some great recipes for it if you do a little searching :)

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7/11/11 4:14 P

Since I've taken the steps to get healthier we've cut out carbs with dinner most nights....except that my poor starving husband isn't getting enough to eat at dinner. Apparently, meat and veggies don't cut it for him. I need some new ideas for side dishes that will fill him up and not fill me up with guilt....any ideas?

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