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4/28/13 11:10 A

Thanks. I look for them. Pilates hurt btw. lol i didnt realize it looked so fluid and smooth. Like tai chi, it hurts

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4/27/13 8:29 P

I really love coach Nicole's crunch less core workout here on spark videos. It is based on Pilates exercises and strengthens your core without hurting your neck which is usually a problem for me when doing ab and other core exercises.

JLEWIS220 SparkPoints: (1,211)
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4/26/13 5:24 P

Indeed. I am looking more for the Pilates to stretch and help me build up my core before my back surgery in June

4/25/13 11:52 A

Most of the popular videos on Youtube should be fine. Just skip over any exercises that you're not able to do. If you're unsure about a video, post it here.

Keep in mind that pilates doesn't burn as many calories as more vigorous exercises like cardio (fast walking, cycling, swimming etc).

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4/24/13 4:37 P

Don't get offended. You wanted pilates tips and things. I figured if you couldn't spell it you weren't going to find much on google.

I thought I was HELPING you solve your problem, and I get that back in return?

You're not very nice.

JLEWIS220 SparkPoints: (1,211)
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4/24/13 4:28 P

Thats a good point you make there. Thanks for pointing ut my short comings. I didnt come here for spelling lessons though, I came here because im fat. But hey, now i know how to spell it right.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/24/13 3:23 P

You'll find a lot more videos if you search for it spelled as: pilates.

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4/24/13 2:19 P

Hello, I am looing for a good beginner free Pilatis work out for lower back/core. I have surgery in june and need to build my core and loose some weight. I have done some research and found a couple good free videos online, but i am not familiar if they explain the moves corectly or not. can anyone help?

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