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NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
3/25/13 8:11 A

you go to .
log in if you aren't already.
on the far right orange bar you will see my recipes.
add a new recipe
it's the second one down.
use the
add an ingredient
button to put in the full amounts of everything that you use in the recipe. so if your recipe was potato soup you might enter in potatoes and you select from the database just like you do when using the tracker. same for the milk and the onions and anything else you add in.
now, if you don't want to share your recipe, just make sure that there is a character [any character a period, an a, whatever] in all of the input boxes, and tick off the share at the bottom.
if you do want to share, then you need to follow the prompts so that people will know how to make your recipe.
either way then you enter the number of servings the recipe makes and save. it will show you your recipe with your nutrition information in a box and right beside it will be a button to add it to your tracker. all your recipes will be stored in your recipe box and have a link to edit them, share them or add them to the tracker right beside them for future use.

ADEL1942 Posts: 3
3/24/13 9:44 P

I'm fairly new.
Trying to create my own recipe. I am sure it is easy do I do it?
I'm confused about going to Sparksrecipes to create and how it gets to my recipes...
Still learning this site day by day.

Thank you in advance :-)

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