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3/10/13 8:20 P

I think I saw a mini crock pot somewhere. I don't know how many outlets you have available in the truck. But might be a way to come up with different meals. ;-)

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3/3/13 5:41 P

Does your fridge have a little freezer with it? If so, how about making some casseroles/soups yourself, and freezing them in individual serve containers. Bulk cooking saves heaps of time, and is cheaper. Then you just need to take what you need for the week.


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3/3/13 5:17 P

Try making some hard boiled eggs & bring those along (bring a little salt for them).

I know you hate veggies & I wasn't a fan either, but I have to tell you that for me, learning to embrace the ones I like (and taking time to find ones I liked instead of brushing them all aside) was KEY.

I travel a lot for work and take a cooler w/ me every day.
I eat a quart size zip lock w/ the following daily (hint: buy the best / freshest you can find for the best taste):
green zucchini, yellow squash, red & orange bell peppers, hot-house cucumbers, stringless sugar-snap peas (YUM), sliced yams (again yum - tastes like sweet potatoes). Everything raw (put a half of paper towel at the bottom of the baggie to absorb moisture). I do slice the yams (about a 1/16" in. slices) and nuke them in a bowl in the microwave first just so they aren't hard - but not totally mushy!

Maybe you can microwave a yam for dinner and eat as you would a baked potato. They are soooo good! I don't even need to put butter on it (and was a butter-holic). Maybe a little salt and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice (okay - if you're trucking, just a sprinkle of salt).

You can buy pre-packaged stringless snap peas at the market (Mann's is the best brand I've found so far). They are kind of sweet and that might be a good veggie for you to try - even people who dislike most veggies seem to like those.

Another thing I like (also good "car food") are some of the Atkin's products. I love the oatmeal fiber squares (I order online from Walmart). Not all Atkins stuff tastes good IMO (we all have our preferences) - maybe try some things out.

Good luck!

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3/3/13 4:48 P

Thank again all

Sorry, patience should be allowed , and driving truck for years, God knows I have patience!!

Great Idea's , may need to ask about the bars or meal replacement in another thread or look and see what I can find.


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3/3/13 11:47 A

You've gotten some great suggestions already, but here's a few more. Also, give people time to respond, it's generally a bit slower on weekends around here :)

Soup is great, just keep an eye out for low sodium varieties. I personally like Pacific Natural Foods organic soups, I buy at my regular grocery store. They are a bit more expensive than the canned varieties but I wait til they go on sale and stock up. They come in tetrapak boxes with resealable cap lids, rather than cans, so they're nice if you don't want to eat the whole amount, the rest can just hang out in the fridge til you're ready, and you don't need a can opener. They also do not need to be refrigerated until you open them, and come in a few different sizes. My favorite one is the low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

Another filling snack could be a yogurt parfait. Use greek yogurt, whatever fruit you like (I like apples but you might find bananas and/or berries easier to do on the road), and some granola. Just like the ones from McDonald's.

Beef jerky is another favorite road snack of mine. Tons of protein, low in calorie, but filling. Just have to watch it because of the sodium though.

For your sandwiches, those sandwich thins are great. I, however, am not a fan of deli meat... tons of sodium and not a lot of protein. Perhaps when you are home, you can roast up a bunch of chicken breasts with whatever seasoning you ilke, and then thinly slice and keep in a container to use instead. You can also do it with pork tenderloin or a whole turkey breast. Honey mustard is absolutely OK. I am a mustard freak, and I like dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, and spicy brown as well. Mustard is a great condiment since it's low in calorie and packs lots of flavor :) You can even put hummus on sandwiches. Oh and pre-sliced cheese (not the Kraft singles, those aren't real cheese, but like the ones from Sargento or the deli counter etc) adds extra protein if you have the room for the calories.

I don't have any suggestions for meal replacement bars, but I do like either the Fiber One or the Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars. They're tasty and not too many calories for a nice little snack.

You can also try making a big pot of whole grain pasta with some simple marinara (make your own, it's super easy), along with some kind of protein in it... ground turkey, or cut up chicken breast. It's good cold or heated up, you can pack in individual portion sized containers. It'll be very filling and a little more interesting than sandwiches :)

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3/3/13 12:13 A

How about hummus, turkey and pita pockets (with alfalfa sprouts and lettuce). I like to get dijon mustard cause it's a bit spicey and add to this.
Maybe almond butter and pre-cut celery.
I like to mix chocolate chips, dried cranberries and almonds for snacks.
If you have room add a lemon or lime so you can squeeze in you water so it changes it up some.
Oatmeal is filling and travels easily. (Quick oats are easiest, but not as nutritious as regular oats. We buy the regular and add boiling water and let steep for a bit.) I like to add the dried cranberries to this as well.
Hope these are useful suggestions. Good Luck on your life journey.

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3/2/13 11:49 P

Hi Patrick,

Well, you look like you are off to a good start... I would say to lay off of the lunch meats as they may have too many additives in them... The goal to weight loss I have been told is less calories and more exercise... Drink Plenty of water as to which you are doing. Most importantly, give yourself a big pat on the back in trying to make minor changes to a healthier you! Hey, Keep on Trucking! emoticon

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3/2/13 11:35 P

ContessChan, Thank you

I would have thought more response's with many great idea's, but guess I am wrong.

Oh well, How hard could it be , right?


3/2/13 12:19 P

Most of that seems pretty okay to me. Since you are just starting out, you will want to make small changes that you can live with. You don't want to find your new lifestyle too unpleasant and give up. Just keep adding one or two small changes at a time.

With the cans of soup, you may want to look for low sodium options. Unfortunately, most prepackaged stuff is made with a lot of extra salt.

My ex was a truck driver, so I understand about the limited space. And I travel a lot with my job, so I know how few good choices there are for eating on the road. Good for you for putting in the effort and doing what you can with what you have. emoticon

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3/2/13 11:33 A

I am truck driver , and I go out on the road for a week at a time, and need help with eating tight on the road, only catch is I hate veggies.

I have a mini fridge in the truck, and may get a microwave to help too.

I pretty much have gotten this far

1/2 gallon Almond Silk Milk,

Box of Kashi Cereal, maybe Chex or Special K

Case of water

1-2 boxes of meal replacement bars, ( there are so many types of these, this may be a trial and error) ...any suggestions

Maybe sandwich thins ( those little round things)

Deli meat, turkey, chicken, ham, ( isn't ham bad for me?)

Lite mayo , and mustard, (is honey mustard ok?)

Maybe tuna packages (the ones not in the cans)


tangerines, if available

watermelon , when in season, ( cut up and in containers)

How bout cans of soup, (if so what type of soup, what brand,?) tomato/chicken/split pea

WHat else for snacks that are acceptable

Please my total success requires I get this right and then also eat what I take with me, and stay disciplined enough to succeed


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