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9/10/12 11:08 A

Rockabell, being a perfectionist is ok IF you applyl it things you can CONTROL. Clothing size is completely arbitrary! In the 1960s, a '10' trouser had the same measurements a '4' does now--manufacturers know women are obsessed with those numbers, so they made them bigger so women would be wearing 'smaller' clothes. It's all hype. BE a perfectionist, if you must, with your PROCESS, but let the results be what they are. When you get pregnant, it's health you need, not a size 4 body to start with. Concentrating on a healthy lifestyle will help ensure you and your baby will be healthy.

Success to you.

ROCKABELL2003 Posts: 91
9/10/12 9:38 A

thanks guys. I guess sometimes i am too hard on myself and i do want to lose the weight permanetly for sure, it's just so hard i feel like all i have done for this whole years is focus on my weight, i try not to be so obsessed and upset with it but it's difficult for me :/ i have a perfectionist personality type, i am at least excited that i tried on a pair of size 5 bullhead jeans, they buttoned but were kinda tight so at least i am almost to where i want to be, i know i will never be a zero or a two, but if i get to 120 hopefully a 4 will be possible :) right now it seems im a 6-8 depending on brand

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9/8/12 3:21 P

Awesome job of coping with horrible loss and good loss together.

Rockabell, 115-120 is the LOW end of a 5'4" woman's range, intended for people with very small bones and slender frames. Maybe that's you? I don't know! Your pics show what looks like an average-sized woman's body, not a really petite frame. And, If not petite, you don't want to go too low (particularly if you want to conceive) because it could make you more susceptible for illness and stress-related problems, and be harder on the baby.

I think Archimedes' suggestion is good; make a conscious decision to hold where you are for, oh, 6 months or so, and see how your body reacts. If you have no trouble maintaining, then maybe your body will be cool with losing the next 11% of your weight. If, however, you are constantly struggling, then you are probably about where you belong, or even a bit under your optimum weight.

This is a life-style JOURNEY, and the answers that our bodies give us are not always what fashion mags say we 'should' be like. I'd suggest listening to your body; it's going to be with you longer than a fashion will be. You want, I'm sure, to be a healthy woman, and healthy mom to your kids. That seems far more useful than an arbitrary size in jeans.

Good success to you.

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9/8/12 2:17 P

Good job recovering from all of the impediments along the way. I agree with the patience suggestion. Those last few pounds are not only the hardest, they are the easiest to lose temporarily if you do not do it right. I think at this time you might want to consider a professional coach. Either the coach here or a nutritionist or a trainer. I think the fastest way to get it off is to get some who really knows there stuff to tell you what you personally need to do. For everyone it is different. Good luck. Do not let your fristration over these last few pounds take away from enjoying the life you have with your skinny new body.

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9/8/12 1:44 P


Congratulations on losing 83+ pounds !! That's fantastic !! You should be proud of what you've accomplished.

Now, I have to be honest with you. there is no fast way to take off those last few pounds. I wish there were. Someone who is overweight or obese, could safely lose 1-2 pounds per week. However, the closer a person gets to a health weight for their height, the longer it's going to take to remove those last few pounds. Ask any member down to their last 5-10 and they'll tell you that it's slow going.

So, don't beat yourself up because the weight isn't coming off as fast as you'd like. From now, any loss is going to take time. a lot of time. You'll need to be patient with yourself and your body.

Also, while I know you'd love to be that super skinny girl, it might not be in your genes. Yes, some women were born naturally super skinny. But, that's not the norm. People do come in many different shapes and sizes.

How tall are you ? depending on your height, you may be at a very healthy weight. If so, you may find your body fights you. Women are hard on themselves. We are never thin enough. We could always lose weight. You know what ? Being thin doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be happy. there are just as many slim women who suffer from depression as overweight women.

You have to consider the option that your body might not want to lose weight even if you do. Some women weren't meant to be size 0 or 2 or 4. Those sizes just aren't typical. Women do come in many different shapes and sizes.

My point, you can't beat yourself up because your weight loss has slowed. Once again, you may be at a healthy weight for your height. Here's something to consider, you've taken the weight off, now you have to keep it off. Why not stay in maintenance for a few months before you try to lose those last few ? No one should be on a permanent "diet". At some point, you were going to have to make a decision to stop losing weight.

Why not spend a few months in maintenance to let your body get used to the new you. Once your body has settled, you can resume trying to lose. I think you'll find that keeping the weight off is going to be a bigger challenge than taking it off.

Also, you don't have to lose weight to drop 1-2 clothing sizes. What are you doing for strength training ? If you're not doing any strength training, I'm going to encourage you to start. If you want to drop a clothing size, add lean muscle. Muscle is dense and takes up less space on the body than fat does. A good strength training program could help you lose 1-2 clothing sizes without the scale budging. It's just a matter of increasing your lean muscle.

BUT... that too takes time !!! At this point, you can't expect change overnight. it's not going to happen. You need to be patient with yourself and your body.

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9/8/12 12:32 P

Hey Rockabell! Congrats on your amazing achievement! 83 lbs and two more kids? WOW!

I know you are antsy to lose those last 15 pounds, but I am sorry to say there really is no way to speed things up. At your low weight, those 15 pounds are a full 11% of your total body weight. Your body will not give them up as easily as before. This is why so many people (myself included) experience slowed weight loss when their body gets into the normal weight range and they near their goal.

Don't say "I will do anything to lose my last 15 lbs as quick as possible", say "I will do anything to lose my last 15 lbs as permanently as possible". In other words, don't starve yourself, that will backfire in all sorts of ways. Don't over do it at the gym and hurt yourself. Don't be tempted into some sort of horrible (and expensive) fad diet. Finally don't spend each day mad that you aren't there yet. Slow and steady really does win the race.

Keep your caloric deficit tight (probably around 1200 to 1350 a day for your height, weight, and goals), and focus on consuming super high quality food. Don't expect much more than .5 a pound lost a week (but be pleasantly surprised if you get more). This might take some time but 6 months from now when those 15 pounds are gone from your life forever and you wear a size 4, you will be super happy you did it the right and permanent way.

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9/8/12 12:10 P

Fantastic job on losing the weight so far! I started at the same weight you did and found that adding strength training to my exercise routines helped the weight drop faster. I am seeing a 2-3 pound a week drop even if I don't exercise.

Also, adding strength training will add muscle to your body and muscle burns fat which is great for your maintenance stage. So, instead of just being really skinny.....think 120 or less, fit and thin:0) I think your body frame would look nice being around 120!

I am sorry for the loss of your son. That must have been very difficult for you. Your doing great!


ROCKABELL2003 Posts: 91
9/8/12 10:03 A

Hi, in january 2009 i weighed 217 lb i am 5' 4", i lost a lot of weight and by august of 2009 i had lost about 83 lb. since then i have had two more kids, i gained a lot of weight back because of the pregnancies being close together and one of my sons passed away i was very depressed and turned to food again as my only comfort. Anyway, long story short, After the birth of my son on January 13th 2012 I started that day trying to eat healthy as possible because i wanted to lose weight but mostly because i was breastfeeding him. Since january i have went from 197 lb to my current weight of 135, so i am down about 62 pounds.

But my goal and my dream has always been to be one of those really thin super tiny girls, right now i wear about an 8 in most jeans and i want desperately to be a size 4 and to weigh between 115-120 i keep switching in my head what my ultimate goal will be. I would def be happy with 120 anything under is icing on the cake. the last two months i did poorly i made bad food choices birthdays and such have set me back also because of the food at the parties and i have been depressed and had no motivation for exercise.

Now i am back on the wagon. September 1st i restarted things at 139 and now september 8th i am 135...I just want some tips on how i can make it come off a bit faster im guessing most of the weight i lost this month is water weight and not actual fat, i will do anything to lose my last 15 lb as quick as possible so that i can just focus on maintaining that would be much more satisfying then focusing on losing all the time which gets discouraging. any tips advice will be greatly appreciated

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