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You're given a range for a reason... use it! Experiment with what works for you. While I'm not an advocate for low-carb diets at all, I've found that I naturally gravitate to lower-carb and higher protein. I choose my carbs wisely; instead of highly processed simple carbs (which tend to spike the blood sugar and increase cravings), I go for whole grains and veggies. They stick to the ribs better. ;) You may find that similar choices help.

Do understand that your body needs carbs, but you do need to find what works for you. Here's a great article that'll help you figure out what's what with carbs:

Maybe choosing the *right* carbs will be more helpful for you!

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4/4/13 10:58 P

Thanks Dragonchilde :)

A question that I have still is that I tend to feel better when i eat less carbs and more protein. I get hungry less often and eat less in general. Is there anything wrong w/ playing with macro ratios or is it best to focus on calories?

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The more you exercise, the more you will need to eat to fuel that exercise. Here's how the calculations work:

If you're regularly going to exercise that much, update your fitness settings to reflect how much you're burning, and double check your weight loss goal to ensure it's more appropriate for you. 6 hours of high-energy activity is definitely going to require more than 1500 calories.

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4/4/13 9:48 P

So... I am still struggling with calories. I had a really intense few workout days - like 6 hours of golfing, a day of mountain biking, running... much more then normal over the weekend and ran twice after that. My knees and hips are feeling it! Ouch! lol.. So- Yesterday and today i ate well over my limit like maybe 2k-3k cals :/ I am thinking that 1500 is simply too low for me ? Perhaps I need to eat 1500-1700 and then see if i still get super hungry.. my problem is i am getting ravenous before lunch and dinner. I try not to snack but have had no choice. Any tips are appreciated!! :)

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They are indeed! Basically, no matter how much you work out, you're still aiming for approximately the same weight loss, so you eat more to support more intense workouts. :) It's why I love exercise... it means that I can eat more, and STILL lose weight!

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4/2/13 8:19 A

DIETITIANBECKY: Thank you for that insight. Interesting how the cals dont really change much even with more working out. Guess cals are key! :)

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4/2/13 8:16 A

DRAGONCHILDE: haha not fat *enough* lmao.... loved reading that! Made me feel "thin" for the first time in a looong time :D Thank you for your input- very helpful! I guess being used to "fad" diets (haha i accidentally wrote 'fat' diets by accident but thats pretty much where those diets got me) i am used to quick losses, followed by quick gains! guess patience is on the menu as well ^.^

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We have pretty much the same stats... I'm 5'3, started at 188, with an original goal weight of 150, but obviously went below that as you can see on my tracker :) I didn't workout at all, and I hit my goal weight about 9 months after starting. For the first 5 months I pretty much stuck to a 1200 calorie diet (I was not a member of SP at that time), and that got me down to 165. But I hit a plateau after that so I upped my calories to 1300-1400 based on research here and on other sites, and started losing again for a couple more months... 10 more lbs actually. Then I hit another plateau, so I upped to 1500-1600 to get to goal weight in another 2 months. Then once I hit the 150 goal weight, I upped to 1600-1800 with a bit more splurging on weekends, and lost another 10 between then and now, so.... 6 months. At this point I'm not really trying to lose anymore, but still stick to the 1600-1800 during the week, and don't really track at least one weekend day, sometimes both depending on what's going on, but I'm sure i go over the 1800. This has been working out for me to maintain so far.

Once you average it out, my loss was about 1lb a week. Some weeks it was more, other weeks it was less, or none at all. 2lbs a week is a pretty aggressive goal, even if you are exercising. I would say try out the recommended 1200-1550 and see where that puts you after a month or so.

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I played with the numbers you shared.
I imagine your current SP calorie range is 1200-1550.
I "played with" differing amounts of planned physical activity---even up to 2000 calories burned weekly--- and 1200-1550 calories is very much appropriate for your weight loss goals.

I imagine you will see on most weeks about 1-2 pounds lost.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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Unfortunately, 2 lbs per week is likely not going to be possible for you. You're simply not fat enough! If you were over 200 lbs, that might be possible.

It may happen in the first few weeks, (many people experience a quick initial loss thanks to water retention) but the less you have to lose, the slower it is going to come off. With 50 lbs, you'd be aiming for around 1.5 lbs or so... a good rule of thumb is you can aim to lose about 3% of your total remaining loss per week. You will not continue to lose 2 lbs throughout, because the less you have to lose, the slower it will go. When you have 20 lbs to go, you'll be losing at a rate of around half a pound a week. At 10 lbs, around .25 lbs per week!

50 lbs in 7-8 months is likely too aggressive, and will result in burnout and potentially failure at worst.

Here's how Sparkpeople calculates its calories:

All you need to do is set a *reasonable* goal, update it every 10 or 15 lbs, and put that into the SP settings and it will generate a range for you. Include your weight loss goals first, then add your fitness goals, and it will do the rest for you.

Your range will change as you lose weight; I started out at around 1900-2200 (when I was 210 lbs and working out 5 days a week for an hour or more) and is now down to 1600-1900 working out three or four days a week for an hour or less.

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4/1/13 4:21 P

Hi all! I am new to calorie counting. Have done carb and fat counting.. not really calorie counting however as I was always against it. I want to give it a shot! I have a desk job for about 9 hours of my day, the mornning is not really an option to workout but I have started running 4x's week min in the evenings.

Most calculators figure you are either lightly active, moderate or heavy.. I dont know where I would fall since i sit on my butt all day, but workout each day :\ As for my stats im female, 5'4", workout 4x/week (30-50 minutes walking/running) am thinking of adding in 2 days of 20 minutes of weight lifting. I want to lose as much as fast as I can ... in a sane way. 2lbs/week if possible! I weight 188 right now and want to get into the 130's.. so I have 50 lbs to go! eek. I figure 25 - 30 weeks, at 2'bs a week thats 50-60lbs gone by 7-8 months. Hopefully this is reasonable. So.... how many calories should I focus on ?? :/ any help is greatly apprecaited!! :D

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