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12/7/12 9:25 P

I understand how hard it can be to recapture your former glory.

1. If you want to get back into running, you can try a C25K program. I like the apps on smartphones that tell you when to run and play music for you. There are some good podcasts for that too. I say run for time and start out with interval training.

2. You can start out with bodyweight exercises. There are not many muscles that you can't work out well with calisthenics. There are plenty of examples of bodyweight exercises on the internet.

3. Depends on you. I get super hot whenever I exercise outside, so I do shorts and t-shirt all year. At 22, go with whatever the kids are wearing nowadays so you can be cool too. Just stay away from those affliction t-shirts as a general rule.

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12/7/12 9:06 P

Do you like sports? If you can get together with a bunch of guys for pick-up basketball (winter or year-round) , softball or baseball in spring, football, you would get companionship, make friends, and get in shape. Games would help you hold your interest, stay with the sport, and not allow for becoming easily distracted (one of my problems!).

Is swimming on a masters team an option for you? Of course it requires you know how to swim, and access to a pool! How about ice sports in winter? Is snow or water-skiing an option for you? How about racketball, handball, or squash?

Does golfing peak your interest? It offers a lot of walking! How about hunting? Walking in the woods or fields is a lot of fun. Though I am female, I did a lot of hunting in my youth.

Lifting weights and running/jogging are fantastic for getting into good condition. If done solo, as they often are, they require discipline and concentration. It helps to find someone to go with regularly. The other provides compantionship as well as accountability.

About half of my yoga and Pilates classes are men. They find great benefit and are the most consistent participants! My husband went to Yo-Guy Yoga for men only. They did not feel intimidated with the "bendy and skinny" girls as he called it.

My ballet and jazz dance teacher is male, and he has been teaching for 40 years. He doesn't need other exercise since he gets it at work every day!

Suggest that you look around your community for possible options to try. Look at your checkbook and figure out if there is something in addition to jogging that works for your lifestyle in a class or at a YMCA, work schedule, region and climate ( do you live in the desert or by the mountains or water?). Figure out if you will do this solo or try to find a small group or one buddy.

The key is to find something you like and be consistent. If you enjoy the activity, you are most likely to stick with it. If, like me, you become easily distracted, it might help to have another to join you in a class, club, or a buddy.

I have been jogging for 40 years outside of illness and injury. It was one of the smartest things I ever did, and stayed with for decades. I highly recommend it, but only if you do it! Same with lifting weights. That is great for building muscle, and strength, and helps your bones and heart. But it is useless if you won't do it.

Try new activities, new places, sports, and people. You might find a new life, (not to say that yours is not good now...)

Best wishes and good luck!

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12/7/12 6:44 P

Weight loss heavily depends on how much and what you eat. If you have a poor diet, no exercise regimen is going to help you get in shape. I suggest you use the nutrition tracker to get an idea of how much you eat, and work on improving your diet. If you haven't already, set up your goals and your nutrition tracker will tell you how much you should eat for whatever your goals are, even if it's to maintain your weight. As for exercising, find something you enjoy so that you stick with it. You can find a lot of exercise demos on here for strength training.

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12/7/12 6:36 P

Hello Forum,

I have now decided to get fit and need some help with it.

I am a 22 year old male 5 foot 7 inches and my weight is 166 lbs. I want to lose weight. I am not in a hurry to lose weight like many people are. I am looking to develope a routine that will help me maintain my weight and make me physically and most importantly mentally strong.

Physically - I get tired really fast and have lots of fat which doesnt look good and for self confidence I want to get in shape.

Mentally - I am unable to concentrate on things and my studies.

5 years back I was really skinny and was really active and did not had any problems. But since last 5 years I havent exercised [used to but then left].

So I want to start exercising but I am not a gym person. I used to go run before and then after comming home I would workout with some weights nothing serious.

So my questions are -

1. What kind of exercise would you guys recommend to me to start with ? I want to slowly get there. If i go for run I feel lot of pain [ I know no pain no gain] and then I quit. Should I start with walking ?/ And how many miles should I walk/jog/run ??

2. What other exercises would you recommend for doing at home with weights ??

3. Since winter is here what kind of clothes should i wear?? I have no idea how to dress for running in a cold weather. Should I wear hoodie or instead wear a warmer inside ?

Please note I am just looking to get in shape and most importantly maintain a routine which would help me in long run.

Thank You

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