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Call around and see if you can find a yoga instructor that is familiar with limited mobility. Yoga is bar-none just about the best flexibility improving exercise you'll find (I'm not a fan of pilates, but others are), but don't try and do this on your own. Form is important, and because of your special needs, you need someone to correct that and provide modifications for exercises you can't do, something you're not going to get from a DVD.

Can your doctor refer you to a physical therapist who can design a safe workout for you?

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4/18/13 2:58 A

Try the Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center at
for some ideas!

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4/18/13 2:07 A

I had a failed spinal fusion L4/5. Under care of doc and pain management. Both have told me to find exercises and stretches and start them. They say my muscles, tendons etc... Are too tight and I am out if shape. I can NOT go walking as I can't use my left leg much yet after two years out from surgery. I also cannot bend at the waist enough to pick items off floor. I am very overweight at 210 lbs for 5'4" frame.

I am looking for suggestions on chair exercises, low impact(no seeming pool available), and easy stretches to start put with to build up stamina and strength. Then I can move on to more adcanced. My docs suggested Pilates or yoga. Are there chair exercises and is Pilates or yoga a way to go? I know you can't answer for specific conditions but my doc has sent me looking and I can't find much on chair work ty

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