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Get a jump rope. You can find cheap ones for around $5-$10. Jumping rope is wonderful cardiovascular exercise. Take a walks or hikes in the country. Walking is also great exercise. Put the little ones in the stroller and take them along. Stop at the park and play with the kids. don't sit and watch them. get involved. push them in the swing. slide down the slide with them.

You could also buy a set of resistance bands and do some strength training exercises while you watch TV. Resistance bands are a great way to increase your strength. You can find them for cheap at any Walmart, Target, Sears, TJ Maxx, etc....

Check out your local Salvation Army or thrift stores. I find TONS of used exercise DVDs, tapes, weights, etc...

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9/26/12 11:37 A

I need help coming up with some cross training ideas. I live in the country and do not have access to a pool or other exercise equipment. I also have two small children (3mo and 2 yr) so biking and such is difficult too. Actually, the less equipment required, the better. Right now, I do the videos on SP, but I was looking to mix it up a little bit. Thanks!

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