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KSHENNYA Posts: 15
8/23/12 7:08 P

I think an accoutability buddy is what I need to. I hardly ever post on the forums (I always feel like people don't know me and don't want to hear my news) and I don't think I would want to commit to daily check-ins... but would anyone want to do weekly-ish check-ins? Random "hey, good streak at the gym" type messages? Make me feel accounatable for my weigh ins? I am willing to do the same.

SDGIANA SparkPoints: (2,198)
Fitness Minutes: (775)
Posts: 9
8/23/12 6:02 P

I too would love a buddy! It's hard to find in the real world (at least for me) so this seems like a great opportunity to get some support as well as give!

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/23/12 11:51 A

I am here daily unless our electic is out or the internet is down emoticon I would like to have someone that maybe wants to swap ideas recipes ect. My health is to bad to exercise so i can't help you there. I been here 3 years in dec and love it ! It has given me back my life ! emoticon emoticon emoticon

TRACEYW8383 Posts: 200
8/22/12 5:17 A


i have added you as a friend, feel free to message me and let me know how your day is going!

JENNILYNN0630 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (360)
Posts: 23
8/20/12 11:30 P

New to SP. but would love to have an accountability buddy. I dint have the best support at home so a buddy would be wonderful.
Feel free to send me a message.

TRACEYW8383 Posts: 200
8/20/12 1:58 P


I would also like a buddy, i am just starting up again and would love to keep in contact with someone to make sure i log on every day to record and just to keep me motivated! i would to keep in contact with someone and help out if i can maybe chat most days to keep this going this time!

JAYHAWKMOM07 Posts: 17
8/10/12 2:57 P

I too am looking for a buddy. I need someone that I can count on for daily support and encouragement. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

8/10/12 12:43 P

I've been looking for buddies too. So glad I found this thread on the boards! I'm on the site pretty much every day. I work a desk job, so I'm able to have the website open most of the day. Feel free to add me as well :)

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CBMOM3 Posts: 40
8/8/12 10:38 P

Adelle1024, I would love to be your buddy. This is a hard road that has taken me years to get back on track. I think once I put in my head there aren't any quick fixes and I had to do the work it all clicked. emoticon

LAZAR2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,956)
Posts: 54
8/8/12 10:26 P

I have a few great casual buddies, but would love someone to check in with on a daily basis!

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (139,691)
Fitness Minutes: (186,134)
Posts: 9,622
8/8/12 10:04 P


You may also want to search through the SparkTeams to see if you can find people with similar interests and goals. You can also find teams that may be close to your home town as well.

Good luck reaching your goals!


MAMAMANDA83 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,545)
Posts: 128
8/8/12 4:44 P

Feel free to add me. I'm looking for a buddy as well

ADELLE1024 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (882)
Posts: 55
8/8/12 4:31 P

Hello! I am looking for an accountability buddy, My weight had been going down for the past 1.5 yrs but these past few weeks, I have been finding it hard to find motivation to exercise and eat right. I work well with checking in with someone to see how each others days were and how we followed our plan. I don't have anyone in my life to do that with, because people aren't on a plan . At least on here I know that we are all on similar missions.

Please send me a message or reply here.


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