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SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/7/13 2:35 P

Off days are fine. You're not giving up, you're not quitting. You're taking a breather. And then you take it one day at a time. And you remember that changes acrew slowly; you don't see real change after one day, or two, which is why you have to thing long-term, and also why an off day isn't bad ... just as one good day doesn't get you across the finish line, one bad day doesn't lose you the race.

Best of luck.

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1/7/13 2:18 P

i have off days too, especially after the holidays when my routine is thrown off. I just remind myself that it is not teh end of the world, that one missed day of excersizing or going over my calories is not going to throw off my weight loss goals, and just remember to pick myself up and back into my routing when i can :)

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1/7/13 5:30 A

I think this time of year (holidays) is fun when you get to visit with family. But lets be honest its exhausting to host or travel and our brains hate not being on a routine. Allow yourself some recoup time and rest. If your body is being resistant, then you may need to just relax.

1/6/13 9:36 P

Thank you all for the replies!


STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/6/13 6:23 P

That exact feeling came over me this morning. I really didn't want to exercise at all! I start school tomorrow, and am a little stressed out about it. I ended up doing it anyway. I rode the stationary bike at the gym for 60 minutes, and even lifted some weights.I guess on days when I feel that way, I just do it anyway and tell myself that I'll feel better afterwards, and sure enough, I do. The thing that helps me get through it is to remind myself of how far I've come, and to also gently remind myself of how far I still have to go.

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1/6/13 3:42 P

lol ive had a few lazy days this year and that's sad since we haven't even gone through a week :P but i've just been doing the minimum of exercise even though I know i can do more.

the weather isn't helping, my comfy bed isn't either. But i'd suggest doing a video here on sparkpeople. They're usually very short, 10 minutes max i believe. Once you do one, you'll get warmed up and find that you'll want to do another!

Just cos you planned exercise for next week doesn't mean you can't have some fun with some of the videos this week :D and trust me they are addicting.

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1/6/13 3:27 P

We all have up days and down days. Sometimes, it's okay to just sit and wallow! As long as the wallowing doesn't continue for weeks. ;)

When I have bad days, I focus on making baby steps... I don't worry about the day's intake I worry about my next decision. Bad breakfast? Focus on making lunch super veggie-heavy.

It's totally okay to need some down-time, especially after a trip. Just keep doing what you're doing. Focus on making small changes over time, in your direction towards healthy living!

1/6/13 2:45 P

Afternoon All,

Just needing a little bit of encouragement today. I'm starting off slow. Just tracking my food for the week. Next week I'll make adjustments and start putting in exercises like walking and yoga.

Today though, it may be due to just getting back from a trip and finally having my room back from family visiting for the last two weeks, but I don't really feel like doing much today but sitting on my butt.

I suppose days like that are allowed now and again right?

Anyway, just thought I would toss my net out there and see what you all do when you have a bit of a lazy day or... streak in order to keep your spirits up and moving along.


Thanks all!


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