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2/9/14 11:49 A

Leslie Sansone has a huge series of "indoor walking" DVD's that will probably work for you. The "walking" is actually "marching in place" -- VERY minimal bending, turning, tilting, etc. The basic steps include marching in place. side steps back and forth, lifting your needs, and little kicks to the front. She'll sometimes add little flourishes that you can ignore if you need to .They are easy on the body in general, easy to modify when needed, appropriate for almost anyone who can do any exercise.

I have a mild inner ear disorder and have no trouble doing these DVD's. I am also 58 years old with assorted aches and pains in some of my joints. But these DVD's have worked very well for me.

You can preview several of her DVD's for free at the website:

Good luck.

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2/8/14 12:50 P

I LOVE to walk. If you can get outside, even if you have to dress in layers, is so uplifting for me. It doesn't sound like you are doing much but in the long run, it does make a difference! I have yet to get beyond walking (even though I walk very fast) and I doubt I will.

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2/8/14 6:42 A

If you can walk normally, why not walk for exercise?

I second the idea of a stationary bike - recumbents have almost zero risk of falling over.

Also, try Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center for some seated workout videos.

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2/7/14 9:54 A

Do you have access to a gym? Would water exercise or the stationary bike be an option?

Coach Jen

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2/7/14 7:51 A

Hi everyone!
I am looking for exercise ideas that have slow-ish movements. I have an inner ear disorder, so things like aerobics make me very dizzy. I can't move fast like that or dip my head down repeatedly (such as doing toe-touches.)

Other than that i have normal balance and can walk normally.

What can I do at home that won't have me moving my head quickly?

PS My doctor knows I joined SparkPeople, and I am cleared for exercise so long as I'm not doing things that will make me lose my balance.

Thanks in advance!!

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