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1/18/13 11:15 A

Thanks everyone :)

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1/18/13 11:07 A

Hi Veronica, I like what you said about sticking to your plan. That is key...make a plan, use the plan, evaluate the plan, and reward yourself for sticking to the plan. Don't forget the non food reward! Good for you for doing this at your won't regret it!

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1/18/13 10:46 A


We all need a little motivation, no matter how long we've been here. I just got a copy of "The Spark" (found it at a used book store). It's what I needed to get re-motivated.

The whole idea is making this a life-style. Set small goals for yourself and as you achieve those, you'll gain confidence. I like Chris' idea that the building blocks of Spark are: focus, fitness, fire (you see possibilities, not problems), and positive force (share your energy and success with others).

Keep plugging away, new SP. emoticon

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1/18/13 12:37 A

I am in my 30s and dieted so many times:

The one thing that has helped me lose weight consistently this time is:
Tracking everything I eat, everyday!
Looking up calorie contents of food before I eat it (either on the package or on sparkpeople website)

Just by doing this simple thing and trying to plan one day ahead what I will eat within my calorie range has made such a huge difference!

get your calorie range from spark people and take a look at their meal planners- pull out things you like.

Write down or track online or on your phone everything you eat and drink, and after I started doing this just a few days, it started to get easier and I was seeing results.

I added other things later, but just holding myself accountable to tracking each day made a huge diffenece- Try it!

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1/17/13 9:14 P

Thanks for the advice. This time I am really determined to stick to my plan!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,203
1/17/13 9:07 P

You can get commiseration from others, but motivation you have to yank out of your own insides, sometimes it takes time for that to happen...............that's why weight issues can't be solved easily just by reading about how to do it. Keep trying to eat healthier, and move more, get an appt. with a dietitian if you can, sometimes that helps. Join a group of live people that you see face to face, perhaps a group that walks often together, or bikes, plays a sport.

TANTHA Posts: 70
1/17/13 9:03 P

I have lost motivation myself, quite a few times. You have to believe you can do it! Finding teams, challenges, and goals here on Sparkpeople really helps me stay connected to what I'm trying to accomplish. Making friends here helps to tie your interest in the site to more than just weight loss.
Good Luck to you!

VERONICAC951 SparkPoints: (78)
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1/17/13 8:38 P

Hi my name is Veronica and I just turned 18 a couple weeks ago. I have always been overweight. I have tried dieting over and over again, but I keep losing motivation. Need help! Thanks

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