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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,918
9/20/11 2:41 P

Try doing something that keeps your hands occupied, an activity that food won't fit into. Knitting, organizing a cupboard, cleaning the bathroom. Groom the dog.

GETTHERE135 Posts: 253
9/20/11 12:59 P

Try flossing and brushing your teeth and just know if you have eaten all of your calories for the day your eating is done. Also you will be all set when you go to bed.

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9/20/11 12:48 P

I am following the spark plan laid out for me to the letter. I wasn't sure if I could add more veggies or fruit to my list because it will put me over my calories for the day. I have a 64 oz water bottle that I drink 2 of during the day and into the evening. If I drink to late after dinner I am all night peeing HA HA! I usually try to stop the water intake around 8:00pm

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9/20/11 12:43 P

What are you eating for dinner ? Perhaps you're not eating enough and that may be the reason you feel an urge to snack later on. Do you try to eat foods that are high in fiber ? If not, try to add more high fiber foods like fresh fruit and veggies. Fiber is sating and helps keep you full.

Also, if you feel like a snack in the evening, why not have a piece of fruit or some nuts or even some microwave popcorn ?

Of course, your after dinner hunger may not even be hunger. It could be thirst. Are you drinking enough water ? When you feel an urge to snack after eating a healthy meal, try having a couple of glasses of water. Your hunger could be a manifestation of thirst.

Some things to consider.

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9/20/11 12:29 P

I am really having trouble with the snaking after dinner. I am at my wits end. I have tried the brushing your teeth thing, I have tried going for a walk (which just makes me feel more like eating) I have tried reading I have told my husband to not allow me to eat ( that doesn't go well) If I sit and watch any TV I just want to eat not huge things just small different things. Any ideas that have worked for you Please pass along. Thanks emoticon

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