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12/7/13 5:42 P


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12/7/13 3:32 P

Thank you all for the great ideas !!

For ease and portability, I've opted for the pinwheel sandwiches. My coworkers love picking at finger food.

Found a great deal on lavash bread. I bought some lean turkey cold cuts. will add romaine lettuce, some roasted red pepper, onion and maybe some goat cheese or feta in the center. might use tuna or hummus if I run out of the turkey. Not including the goat cheese, I should be about to make 20-30 pinwheels (depending on size) for under $10.

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12/7/13 5:00 A

I love this topic. Please keep it going for ever!! We've got a Church bring and share lunch in a fortnight and I usually do something like carrot/cucumber/celery sticks and hummus. So simple, but most people take pork pie, sausage rolls and other less healthy stuff and I've always found that my stuff gets eaten so I stick to the same thing - but I'm loving the ideas on this thread so may branch out a bit this time!

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12/7/13 4:29 A

Spark recipes has some good scalloped potato recipes and some good green bean casserole recipes

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12/6/13 10:59 P

I second the crockpot idea-- there's almost always a spare outlet somewhere.

If that won't work, a salad I like is potatoes, tuna, finely chopped onion, diced carrot, and peas, with just enough light mayo to bind it. (Mix in the mayo while the potatoes are still warm.) I don't peel the potatoes. Depending on the tastes of the people you're serving, it's even better if you mix crushed garlic in the mayo, or better yet, make your own aiolli.

Slightly weird but usually welcome at a potluck: Roast a turkey (or a chicken for a small group), carve it, and take it along with nice rolls and a selection of spreads and lettuce, etc, for a miniature sandwich bar.

If you take a fruit plate or fruit salad, you can fancy it up by mixing a tiny bit of brown sugar and some grated fresh ginger or lime zest into plain Greek yogurt and setting a bowl of it out with a little ladle as a topping. It tastes a lot like cheesecake but it's low fat and low calorie.

12/6/13 10:15 P

how about a cold soup?

found this recipe at allrecipes & it looks so delicious, i'm going to try it myself.

don't be fooled by the fact that it's called Zucchini Soup as it also has onion & potatoes and some interesting seasonings


ps thanks for creating this topic ... it got me out of bind for thinking of what to take to our friends house next week!

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12/6/13 4:40 P

Carrot and Raisin Salad w/Low Fat Mayo. Deviled eggs w/Low Fat Mayo. A large salad. Fruit Salad.

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12/6/13 4:28 P

deviled eggs
macaroni salad
7 layer dip

spinach dip

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12/6/13 3:13 P

you could also make sandwich pinwheels -

take a lavash wrap, spread with hummus and layer veggies - roll VERY TIGHT and slice into pinwheels

or layer the wrap with deli meat and sliced cheese

or layer with cream cheese and veggies

ETA - just did a Google image search for lavash pinwheels. There's a picture of the pinwheels on a platter, arranged to form a Christmas tree. Very cute!
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12/6/13 3:09 P

pasta salad

guacamole (all I do to make mine is mash up avocados and add some chunky salsa)

fruit pizza (it's a dessert - Spark has recipes for it)

take Ritz Bits peanut butter sandwiches, dip about 1/2 of the cracker in melted dark chocolate and allow to 'set' on waxed paper. A friend of mine made those for us all the time - they are really good, kind of like a Butterfinger

hummus & veggies (crackers & chips if you prefer)

fruit & cheese platter

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12/6/13 1:46 P

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12/6/13 12:41 P

IF there is someplace to plug in a crock pot you could go with your original plan,

Otherwise I like to make quinoa or barley salads.

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12/6/13 12:32 P

Attention Spark Friends ! I need your ideas !

Next week, our department is having a holiday potluck. nothing fancy. They've asked folks to bring in their favorite dishes. I had originally planned to make a chicken stew, chili or sausages with peppers/onions. However, it turns out we will not have access to a stove to heat up any of the foods we make. So, the food I bring needs to be a cold dish.

Sure, I could do a leafy green salad or even a fruit salad, but I would like to bring something a little different. I'm thinking about finger sandwiches or possibly a cold pasta salad. I had considered tacos, but who wants to eat a taco with a cold meat filling or do you eat tacos cold ? That also nixes quesadilla since they should be warmed too.

What are some of your favorite COLD dishes ? I'm open to all suggestions.

Thanks !

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