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4/29/13 9:02 A

I dunno about the "model my diet" website. I feel like it doesn't/can't model body composition very well.

4/28/13 5:07 P

Thank you ever so much Coach Jen! Really appreciate the time you took to answer and the links you provided.


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4/28/13 2:52 P

Hi Marie

Here's the site you might be looking for:

If you click on the Tell Friends link at the top of this page next to "log out", you'll find where you can download our business cards and flyers.

This link gives a little more info about our company:

We launched in 2001 as a goal setting website, and quickly realized that people were primarily setting weight loss goals. That's when we moved over to focusing more on healthy habits and weight loss.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

4/28/13 11:02 A

Good morning fellow Sparkers!

I'm taking a speech class & decided to talk about a healthy lifestyle with the help of the SparkPeople website. I need your help in the following ways:

#1. Can someone provide the link to the website that has those "doll figures" where you put in your gender/height/weight & it gives you a "person" that models what your weight (body shape) is, was, or will be as you change the numbers you put in? I'm wanting to use this as a visual aid.

#2. Somewhere in the site is a handout you can give to other people as well as "business cards" you can print out. I need these so I will be able to provide "take aways" (and ultimately, I hope to get a town specific Spark team going from this).

#3. Both the textbook & my instructor said that a speech giver is supposed to provide credibility so the listeners will believe the information you're presenting and pay attention to what you say. My "credibility" is based on taking 2 Nutrition courses this term plus the fact of having lost weight by using what SparkPeople has to offer. So .....

(a) how many years has SparkPeople been in existence?
(b) how many people belong to SparkPeople?
(c) is SparkPeople endorsed by anyone like the AMA, Heart Assoc, Mayo Clinic, CDC, or other? I know various members have been on national TV shows but can't remember offhand what they were.

Thanks so much for your help!

I'll be posting the text of the speech in a blog on my page on Wednesday if any want to read it and make helpful comments. I'm so scared of getting up in front of people ..... I'd rather have blood drawn or take a comprehensive final than do this.


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