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2/17/13 6:45 P

bicycle moves, treading water or swimming even walking are all good leg exercises

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I'm a bit resigned to the fact that my legs look just like my mother's... Years ago my brother dubbed them 1st grader legs and it has stuck! It's OK thought... My 1st grader legs take me biking, hiking, and crystal mining! I do what I can and the rest just has to be loved!

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2/17/13 6:35 A

Do you mean you have some sagging skin ? How old are you ? As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. So, the younger you are, the better the chances of your skin popping back.

Can a person's skin pop back after weight loss ? yes and no. This really does vary from person to person. When I lost weight, some of my skin popped back and some didn't. That's just the way the genetic ball bounced.

You're going to have to wait and see if your skin pops back with time. For now, what are you doing for strength training ? Strength training will not tighten up the skin, BUT it can help give your legs some definition. So, if you're not doing any strength training, you want to start with a good total body program. Don't just work your legs thinking you'll get good legs. You don't want strong legs and a weak upper body. that's no good.

Also, make sure you're drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. When a person's skin gets dried out, that makes it look all shriveled up. Can skin creams help ? there are mixed opinions on that. It's worked for some, but not everyone. So, don't waste your money buying an expensive product that says it works. it probably doesn't. Instead, use a good moisturizer once again to help keep your skin moist and hydrated.

So, drink plenty of water, do some strength training and use a moisturizer. That "might" help. once again, what your skin does depends a lot on age and genetics.

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2/17/13 5:38 A

I lost 20 pounds and now my legs are sagging. What are the best exercises to help before summer gets here emoticon

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