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9/30/11 8:51 P

Scott said it best so all I can say is that we are all behind you and here to support you. emoticon

SPARKLES1438 Posts: 56
9/30/11 1:34 P

I have this point before too and it seems impossible to get started up again. For me it was literally taking ONE DAY AT A TIME. Make a goal for yourself TODAY: "Today I am going to take the stairs instead of the elevator" "Today I am going to eat all wheat products instead of white bread" "Today I am going to plan all my meals and snacks that keep me in my calorie range" "Today I will walk for 5 minutes"

Whatever small thing that it is that helps you to get started, do it. Something else I always try to remind myself of is how great I feel/felt when I was on track. Let those emotions and feelings always be a reminder and a motivation.

Good luck!!!

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9/30/11 11:28 A

You can do it! Don't keep goodies in the house if possible.

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9/30/11 9:38 A


Take a deep breathe ! Everything is going to be fine. You start out slowly. You take baby steps, literally and figuratively. Why not start by filling out your Spark Nutrition profile. Let the software set a calorie range for you. Then you do your best to stay within that range. Don't go too far over or too far under. Staying in that range will help you to lose. Studies have shown that people who log their food choices lose more weight than those who don't.

Mostly, you're going to need to be patient with yourself and your body. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight. there are no quick fixes, no magic pills, no fast way to lose. Slow and easy really does win this race.

So, don't worry, you're going to do just fine. Why not read some of the articles in the Daily Spark ? The Daily Spark has LOTS of great articles on motivation from members and the coaches. Why not start with this one ??? INDYGIRL has writes the BEST articles on motivation.

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9/29/11 11:50 P

If there are other issues getting you down- perhaps talk to people about your problems.. Many times over eating is a sign somewhere else in our life is not okay.. Lossing weight is not going to make the job from hell better, the strained relationship with family or stress work day get better..

Write down all the whys you need to do this, problems to work on and how you will go about it..

Take one day at a time and over time grab problems and one by one try to solve them.. Only condition "never give up on yourself"...

There is no hurry, emoticon just tweak and improve and get things working for you.. Don't let single slips up define you.. It is hard work..
emoticon emoticon

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SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
9/29/11 11:18 P

Relax!!! you will be fine! All you need is a plan. Have you set out and actually written doen what you want to accomplish? Doing so will help you focus. You need a long, medium and short term goal. Have you set them yet?


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9/29/11 11:10 P

All right folks... Either on here or on my page or something... I really need some words of encouragement... Ive gained back 15 pounds or more of what Ive lost, and have absolutely no energy or motivation, and hardly anything to wear since things have now gotten too tight! I know I need to get back on track, but dont even know where to start. There's cookie dough in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer... Ugh... I just need to get motivated, and right now, I'm not feeling it... Help, please?

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