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4/1/13 8:21 A

Hi SlimmerKiwi,

It's actually the opposite .... I was very unhappy down in Florida (no family down there) so we moved back up to Maryland. While I was in Florida, I had a lot of free time and I focused on getting outside and walking the beach (I loved to look for sharks teeth). My husband and I moved back up to Maryland (where our friends and family are & where we're from) and we're happy we moved back.

I think the cold weather and dreary weather outside makes it difficult for me to get outside. Now that spring is here I'm hoping that we get a little sunshine and some warmer days and then I'll WANT to get outside and get going.


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4/1/13 12:01 A

You will find that by being active on the message boards in the Community and/or in your SparkTeams is the best way to get that support that you need, because others can get to know you better.

I am wondering if part of the problem is some form of depression/grief? You mention shifting and it sounds like you really liked where you were, but not so much where you are now, and that in itself can lead to grief which can impact on how we lead our lives re nutrition and exercise ..... and enjoyment of life.


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3/31/13 7:03 P

I've Sparked before and have fallen off the wagon. I found that I had the most success when I had 'Spark Friends' that helped keep me motivated and helped me hold myself accountable.

My biggest problem is lack of exercise. I went from living in sunny Florida & walking 6 miles on the beach with no problem to moving back to Maryland and barely wanting to exercise.

Anyone want to help and need a new friend? Please feel free to add me as a friend and I will do the same. I need some help from my fellow Sparkers! emoticon

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