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10/9/13 12:09 A

When buying workout shoes, buy a size bigger. Your feet tend to swell when you work out, so the size shoes you normally wear may rub. Also, BodyGlide or Vaseline applied to your feet before working out may prevent new blisters from forming.

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10/7/13 11:29 P

(1) Definitely keep the area sterilized! When possible, keep sock and shoe off and minimum, as necessary, covering on blister.
(2) I have been using liquid bandage for quite some time on blisters, cuts, scratches, etc. I think it is very effective.

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10/7/13 10:50 P

Use medical tape rather than band aids - band-aids just don't stick in the hot sweaty environment of a running shoe.

Some people swear by moleskin, but personally, I want to get the flatest profile possible, so I stick with just taping over blisters.

As for popping them, I disagree a bit with the advice above.

If you can avoid it, it is best to not pop them, as popping them does slightly increase the risk of infection. But if you have to walk/run on them, then it is far more comfortable if you do drain them. But make sure you treat the area thoroughly with anti-septic.

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10/7/13 10:54 A

I got a large blister two days before a 15K once. I bought some liquid bandage and went for a short test-run and was amazed that it worked so well. I ended up running in the 15K with no problems. I even bought the cheaper, store brand version. It may or may not be the solution for you but it might be worth a shot.

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10/7/13 10:51 A

Your shoes should. not be rubbing if they fit properly. Consider trying a thicker pair of socks. 2 weeks ago I wore my everyday shoes on the treadmill and got a blister on the bottom of one foot. Wore thicker socks and back to my running shoes and it healed on its own, thank goodness !

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10/7/13 9:56 A

Ok. First thing is *do not* pop them. The best thing would be to wear shoes that don't rub at the blisters - backless shoes, for example. You can also create "donuts" to protect your blisters when you do wear shoes with backs on them. Use moleskin foam (it's like moleskin but thicker) and cut a square bigger than your blister and cut a hole in the middle of the square that will fit around the blister and not lay on top of it. Stick that on your foot and then put a piece of gauze over the hole *lightly.* Finally, cover the whole set up with either medical tape, bandaids, or moleskin. The idea is to create a layer of 'skin' that will not rub on your blisters.

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10/7/13 9:50 A

I've just started exercising over the past month without any problems. I walk on the treadmill 3 days/week and outside with my 3 y.o. while my 10 y.o. is at dance. I started a more intensive level on the tread and got blisters on the back of both ankles. OUCH! The left one now has 2. This has cut my workout today down to just weights and I am NOT at all happy I can't walk for fear of making them worse. Any ideas? I've got good shoes and socks and have never had blisters before. For pain at night, I use neosporin with pain relief brand on a bandaid so I don't rub my heels/ankles on the sheets. Bandaids come off mid-walk making things worse. Tried moleskin this a.m. but it came off too in a very mild walk. Uggghhh! emoticon

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