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11/22/12 5:55 A

Keep a goood form, and don't lift moree than you can handle

11/22/12 2:30 A

My first question is do you tense your neck and shoulders while sitting at your desk looking at your computer? How is your posture when sitting at your desk and in general (or are you aware of it at all?). I had similar complaints and when I started paying attention, I realized I was constantly tensing my neck and shoulders and slouching. Plus, when I get stressed out the neck and shoulders is where I hold it. Once I started being mindful of this, the achiness improved over time. In relation to strength training, it could just be you are using muscles you don't normally engage or haven't engaged in a while. You may want to take some time and watch yourself in the mirror while you strength train to make sure your form is accurate. If it is more sever than that, always see a doctor.

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11/22/12 2:19 A


I concur that your doc would be the best source of advice...the reason, many times the source of the pain is not the cause of the pain. You may be feeling the pain in the neck and shoulder when in reality it may be caused from anywhere up and down our body's kinetic chain.

Coach Nancy

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11/21/12 10:50 P

Thanks guys. I've just moved towns so I'm yet to find a new GP yet, I suppose now is a good time. Any other thoughts much appreciates (:

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,653
11/21/12 10:45 P

I love yoga too!

Be very aware of your form when strength training. Never pull on your neck while doing crunches and always keep our shoulders pulled back and down.

Definitely check with your doctor to avoid more damage. I gave myself a slight tear In my rotator cuff getting lazy with my form doing chest flies.

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11/21/12 10:29 P

What does your doctor recommend?

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11/21/12 9:49 P

Hi guys...I've just started my workout plan, I'm onto my second week. I've been doing 3 days a week of 30 minute walking/jogging, and 3 days a week of strength exercises (namely this one:

I'm a web developer so I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer. I've had neck/shoulder pain for 2 years now, but over the last 6 months with a pillow change and some postural changes, I haven't really noticed it.

However now I'm finding the day after each strength exercise, my neck/shoulders have started aching, and the headaches have come back along with it. It makes it very difficult to concentrate during the day and do my work.

I don't know whether I should continue doing the strength exercises until my muscles strengthen (I've been told it's supposed to help) or just quit all together... I was thinking of doing 3 days of walk/run, 2 days of strength, and 2 days of yoga? (I love yoga)

Any ideas?

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