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RE_VAMP_ED_CAT Posts: 118
3/10/12 7:30 P

hi! I was wondering how this worked out for many of you? I have started my frst week if this program (my work is paying for it). Any thoughts, any advice?

7/21/11 10:23 P

I think one of the main keys is that you are to slow down and really taste your food.

If you slow down and really taste a french fry, let it sit in your mouth and feel the flavor evolve. . .it's NASTY!! Almost anything fried is nasty eaten slowly.

If you really slow down and savor the flavor of a fruit or vegetable. . .wow. . .it's amazing how delicious it is.

So you naturally want to eat better. You don't eat better because you feel forced.

7/21/11 10:11 P

I participated in the Naturally Slim program twice through my employer. This was corporate's way of providing a program free of charge for all employees regardless of their locale. The first time I participated I lost 15 lbs. which made me estatic. Some of the things I do not like about the program is the preaching about the fact that you do not need to eat breakfast, you must give all all dairy products for at least 3 weeks and you are not really taught about how to eat healthy. One of my downfalls was the eating slowly and taking a 10 minute break during the meal. I was constantly watching the clock, and alone at the dinner table finishing my meal. I wish you luck on the program.

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7/21/11 9:52 P

Sparks is free and naturally slim people can also have lifestyle illnesses.. There are no foods to buy, no points to count, no guidelines on what you can and can’t eat- yeah right quality food over quantity. Eating healthy is not even about eating less, we can have volume without the calories..

Sorry This program premotes "you can eat what you like" and be naturally slim. Not true, thin fat people eat what they want.. They eat too many fatty, sugary foods — and exercise too little to work it off — but they are not eating enough to actually be fat.

My dad side of the family were farmers and firm against over eating- I got a hard time when in their company.. They ate what they wanted but not as much as other people I admit they worked hard too . They will have real cream with their cake, proper live pate not the fat reduced and a decent sauce that hangs on the cream made mashed potatoes.. They told me don't take too much your fat.. To several funerals I muttered under my breath you were fat too! I was terrified of eating fatty food, they ate it all the time.. Little and good can also be bad..

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7/20/11 4:10 P

Naturally Slim is an online program that teaches you to become in tune with your bodies hunger signals instead of eating according to a clock, emotions etc.

I'm just getting started so I don't know a whole lot about it but I'm very excited.

It's a 10 week program. We watch an online video each week. The good news is that you can eat whatever you want (they suggest avoiding sugar since it makes you hungrier) but you have to quit eating when you're full and DON'T eat when your body isn't physically hungry.

I will be blogging about it as I go so feel free to watch for my blogs.

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7/20/11 12:48 P

Never heard of it but would like to know more!!

BAUMANNSISTER SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/11 12:35 P

Wow! Your job is paying for it!? Nice!! I've never heard of it but please share...

SLH-1268 Posts: 161
7/20/11 11:42 A

Not familiar with this program.

Love to hear more about it.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
7/20/11 10:50 A

I've never heard of this program.

Can u tell me more?

7/20/11 10:45 A

Has anyone tried the Naturally Slim program?

I'm starting today. My job is paying for everything. I don't know much about the program but our kick off party is today.

Has it worked for you? Was it hard?

BTW there's a Naturally Slim sparkteam. I didn't create it but some how I'm the only member. emoticon emoticon

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