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TINYCURLS Posts: 401
4/24/12 7:35 A

I think you're only suppose to get about 2500 mg a day. A lot of people getting a lot more than that! I noticed if I keep my sodium low I feel better. You're unlikely to go over 2500 mg eating natural sodium.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/24/12 6:59 A

Yes if you eat frozen, or fresh vegetables, the sodium amount is almost non existent. Canned lima beans on the other hand are just as bad as ham slices by Oscar Mayer.

I doubt you will be over 1500 mg of Na a day , if you throw out your salt shaker, and stop buying packaged foods( besides frozen veggies), and look at Na content. A can of green beans can have over 300 mg's per serving, while in frozen it will be closer to 30 mg. Dry lima beans are very low in sodium, while a can of lima beans is 60% of your daily salt allowance.

I used to get worried about 2 ozs of extra sharp cheddar.. 360 mg. of sodium, but not concern myself about Subway 12 " club with honey mustard for dinner..which has 2,760 mg.

I don't think it matters if the sodium is added or natural, but to kind of agree with DRAGONCHILDE, The added salt, tends to come in much higher doses.

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4/23/12 10:13 P

Sodium is sodium; if we get too much, it hurts us. We do derive some benefit from it, but too much is going to hurt you, regardless.

I really think though, that the sodium that's in things like chard, carrots and celery is going to be in negligible amounts compared to your average frozen dinner... we're talking THOUSANDS of calories here... celery's got what, about 90?

Not even a slight comparison. The volume's the problem... not the natural vs processed. It's the processing that ADDS unnatural amounts of sodium.

4/23/12 9:52 P

We know the body processes natural sugars in fruit and refined sugars differently in our body. So I'm interested: does this ring true at all for foods (veggies) that are naturally higher in sodium (celery, swiss chard, carrots) versus added sodium in frozen dinners and canned products? Or is it that we just get the benefit of added nutrients and minerals and have to deal with the fact they're also higher in sodium?

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