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1/18/11 6:46 P

That whole "alkaline" theory is bogus. Does not matter one bit what you eat, your body will maintain its pH within a narrow range anyway. You cannot change your pH with food.

1/18/11 3:53 P

As in calcium carbonate?
Bicarb makes carbonic acid to create CO2, so I think you are right.

Seems like the bottle should have a ph measurement, or you could test it with aquarium strips.

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1/18/11 3:42 P

I get the logic of that, however, soda would be naturally alkaline also, yet it acidifies the body, while things like fresh lemon juice is and kambucha are acidic yet they promote body alkalinity. I don't know why. I should probably just read some books on it. I'm concerned since body acidity can lead to things like cancer.

1/18/11 3:29 P

My google-fu is failing me today, but thinking logically, minerals in water tend to be from dissolved lime, or calcium. that would keep it neutral or barely alkaline.

I get soda water instead of fountain drinks, and consider it the same as a glass of still water.

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1/18/11 2:04 P

does anyone know whether naturally carbonated mineral waters acidify the body the way that soda does? my teenagers drink a lot of this (unflavored)

also, to save money on the expensive Pellagreno and Perrier waters, I have been purchasing Penafiel aqua con minerales que realzan. I'm assuming that this is natural mineral water, but I'm not sure.

any info is appreciated

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