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8/20/13 12:27 P

Thank you for the responses..I DO NOT mean any formulated or store bought advertised cleanses, I would never use one of those. I am NOT looking to "clean out"... I just meant simple, harmless, all natural recipes for feeling good, like apple cinnamon water- people say it gives them energy, even though I'm sure it,s just because it tastes good and they drink more water than usual because of that. Or maybe your grandmother claims drinking water and grapefruit/lemon juice makes your hair shine miraculously..

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8/20/13 3:52 A

A friend tried one of theses a lost weight but after a while it made him ill and he stopped.

I can't say that is was the diet but after he stopped he got better.

Like the Atkins diet everyone I know who tried it felt ill after a while but did loose weight quickly, then put it back on just as quickly but got better.

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8/20/13 1:44 A

Unless you have kidney or liver disease our bodies are not toxic and our bodies are very good at regulating a natural balance. Anything that we do to "cleanse" it usually involves artificially changing the balance. If you had too much sodium in your diet, I can guarantee you that as long as you are healthy your body will take care of it. Just go back to a healthy diet and your body will self regulate.

The idea of a cleanse is appealing because it 'Allows" us to make up for something we think we did wrong. I think it cleanses us psychologically (and financially if we buy a product) more than it does physically.

8/19/13 4:27 P

Honestly I am naturally skeptical of anything that talks about toxins or detoxing. If you have had too much sodium I might just drink water with lemon or some herbal tea to help your body flush out the extra sodium.

8/19/13 4:08 P

Has anyone tried natural detox recipes, like cinnamon-apple water or other fruit/spice blends? I have seen a lot of "detox water" recipes on social networks, it must be the latest craze or something. Do you have a something of the sort that you swear by, or just really enjoy drinking? I'd like to find a drink that would help me shed water weight for days like today when I've had too much sodium, and I know some fruits can help with that, but I'm sure some of those recipes are just a bunch of nonsense..hokum, whatever. I drink a lot of water anyway, so I occasionally add fruits to flavor it or have green tea. I'm not really looking for drastic cleanses, I just thought I'd enjoy the conversation!

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