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1/24/12 6:09 A

What difference does it make if you eat healthy food relatively low in carbohydrate content? It might be that your insulin is shooting right after eating the food, and your blood sugar is stabilizing only after 20 minutes. This kind of effect usually happens when you eat junk food with a lot of simple sugars that get absorbed immediately.

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1/24/12 3:13 A

Last week I ate a lot of beans for lunch, I'm a student and unfortunately I haven't learned to vary my lunches yet. I did find yesterday that going for a walk and having a more active class made me a lot less sleepy. Otherwise I usually have lectures right after lunch, and no opportunity to sleep.

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1/21/12 8:23 P

Does it matter what you've had to eat? Any chance you could take a short nap after your meal (or at least sometime during the day to try and prevent it)?

Coach Jen

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1/21/12 10:59 A

About 20-30 minutes after finishing eating (I haven't timed it exactly) I'm the target of a massive nap attack. In the past I've countered with eating some sort of sugar, caffeine or both. Now I'm trying to be healthier, and the attacks seem to be worse than ever. Any suggestions?

I get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, and I do exercise regularly. Any kind of help would be wonderful! I'm a student, and falling asleep during a lecture is not the ultimate way of learning (and I'm actually interested in what the professor is saying (most of the time), I'm that nerd.) The urge of napping usually passes after 20 minutes, but those are 20 minutes I can't afford to lose.

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