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2/1/12 3:47 P

Make decisions that are best for YOU. If your family loves you, they will understand.

1/31/12 4:42 P

I'm not pressuring my brother to have children. He is younger and still in college working on finishing his degree. However, I'm anxious because I'm done having children and he's my only sibling. I want to be an auntie so badly. For me its not that I'm jealous he can do whatever he wants while I'm home with kids. I'm just anxious to have little babies around again because I LOVE children. Perhaps thats what your family is thinking and even though you've told them otherwise maybe they feel you'll change your mind?

As for my FI brother, he is older and done having children. FI neice and nephew are 16 and 12. I didn't know them as babies so I'm anxious to have little baby neices and nephews.

1/24/12 8:57 A

Eh, people get weird about weddings... especially where kids are concerned. ESPECIALLY if you and fiance happen to be CFBC. I feel you, because my partner and I have also decided we do not want kids. This, for some reason, drives our relatives with young kids crazy. I think a little of it stems from jealousy. That's not to say that they don't adore being parents and having children - but let's face it, having kids prevents you from doing a lot of the things you used to do before kids were in the picture. Your future SIL is showing you her own jealous feelings by trying to insinuate her children into your wedding AND by also going on and on about the honeymoon - she is positively green with envy, I think!

Take a deep breath, but be firm. If you don't want her kids in your wedding, you are under no obligation to. Maybe ask SIL exactly why she feels so strongly about it?

Good luck to you!

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1/20/12 5:28 P

Oh my...first my family and now HIS!

His sister messaged him and said they needed to talk he thought something was wrong and called her.

She started ranting about how we haven't asked her two sons to be in the wedding....


We aren't getting married until July 2013....and we haven't discussed the ceremony much yet...

I actually didn't want them walking down the aisle (they aren't well behaved)....but I was going to give them little passing out bottles of water to guests (outdoor wedding), and the other passing out the programs/fans....I think this is a great way to include them and not put pressure on them to walk nicely down an aisle....

I don't know where she gets off on being mad at US for not asking...apparently she's niece and nephew aren't even INVITED to the wedding (granted, haven't spoken to them in 6 years...but still)....

then there's the fact that she keeps going on about how we have to have a honeymoon because onece you have kids you'll never get to go away together alone again....we are child free by choice and plan on staying that way (if we do have children I would rather adopt)....and this is not news to his family...we've been together 8 years and I've always said I don't want kids....I work with them, I don't want to come home to one....

So I think her talking about that is more insulting than us not asking her kids to be in our wedding....if I had my way, no children would be invited....but we have a lot of friends who have kids so we were trying to be nice.....


Now my fiance doesn't want to talk to her....but she's in my wedding party....I know it will get sorted out eventually, but what do I do now?

Apparently we are also annoying people with all our emails and posts on facebook about the fiance sent one email to let his mom know we put the deposit down on the venue, and I posted a few times 2 weeks ago! (and my friends like reading my posts and commenting on things.......they are very excited for me and like that they can get a blow by blow of certain things).....

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