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1/14/13 6:27 P

Looking at your tracker, you are either skipping meals or not recording everything. Don't skip meals and DO record everything!

I am guessing that if you were really recording everything that you ate in a day, you would find that you are consuming WAY too many carbs. Why are you drinking so much juice? On a 1200/calorie a day diet, you can't afford to drink so much of your daily carbs and calories. Try herbal tea or water instead. If you must drink something caloric in the morning, try milk--less sugar, much greater nutritional value. I put 4oz of coffee and a bit of Splenda in mine. The other thing about juice is that it really doesn't have much fiber, so it isn't filling. If you need something fruity, have an actual piece of fruit--it will make you feel full longer.

Many women find that their weight will occasionally fluctuate wildly for a day or two without any reason. Take a deep breath and weigh again tomorrow to see if it was just an anomaly.

Be've only been at this for a couple of WILL start seeing results if you keep working at it.

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1/14/13 2:09 P

keep on keeping will all work out for you as you keep on track

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1/14/13 1:58 P


I would make your gym circuit a full-body workout 2-3 times per week, not every day. If you're working your muscles to fatigue (which you should be), then you need to leave at least one day of rest in between workouts. The rest of the routine sounds fine, since I don't see any days that would add up to 2 hours of exercise.

Based on your goal weight and current weight, a reasonable rate of weight loss is about 1 lb per week. If you set your program to reflect that, my guess is that your calorie range will go up.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/14/13 10:58 A

Thank you all for your advise. I do have a couple more questions that maybe Coach Jen could answer. SP is saying for me to eat 1200 calories per day to reach my goal and what exercise then would you suggest I take out. I really like my routine but could see how if something happens and I can't do it all. So which ones do I cut out. I am going to give you my weekly workout schedule. I like walking the dogs and they like it and need it as well so let's leave that one alone. But here is a list of the others.
Mon thru Sat: 5-7 minute Stairmaster/Stationary Bike Warm up (I do this when I first get in the gym to get blood pumping) and the Gym Circuit 20 to 30 minutes (to work on muscle toning/building)
Mon: Ab class 30 min
Tues: Yoga 60 min
Zumba 60 min
Wed: Ab class 30 min
Thur: Ab class 30 min
Fri: BBT Bootcamp 30 min
Sat: Yoga 60 min
Sunday: OFF (except for walking dogs)

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1/14/13 10:01 A

I would guess that you are gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. I also would suggest taking in a few more calories. Keep drinking the water and eventually you'll loose the water weight.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
1/14/13 9:52 A


A few things I'd suggest:

First, whenever you start a new exercise program, your muscles tend to retain water. That's a temporary thing, but can cause an increase on the scale like you're seeing.

Second, make sure your calories burned goal reflects how much exercise you're doing, and then eat in the calorie range that SP suggests. If you are exercising for 2 hours a day, there's no way 1200 calories is enough for you. Eating too few calories will hurt your weight loss efforts just as much as eating too many will.

I'd also consider scaling back on the exercise. The best way to ensure you lose the weight and keep it off is to develop habits you can live with forever. I don't know many people who can exercise for 2 hours a day long term, and really, you don't need to. You can get a good cardio workout in 30 minutes and a good full-body strength workout in 20-30 minutes.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/14/13 9:15 A

so you lost 1 1/2 inches of your arms

You are doing better with the tape than me.
as was said you are not eating enough to keep your body from starving. I started on 1500 to 1850 cals a day

If it was me I would reset everything and start again

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1/14/13 9:06 A

sure, I started last Monday. My weight was 171 my measurements were breast 40 waist 38 hips 40 upper arm 14 and thigh 22. this Monday my weight is 178 my breast or 40 my waist is 36 my hipster 40 my upper arm is 12.5 and my thigh is 22. a little background for you. I totally cut out all sodas and alcohol. I drink tons of water now have kept add or under 1200 calories per day. everyday I do about an hour and a half to 2 hours of exercise. Starting with a stationary bike or Stairmaster 45 to 7 minutes, then I work the circuit at the gym, then I take 1 or 2 half an hour aerobic class of some sort. then I go home and walk my Chow Chow fast paced for 20 minutes around the neighborhood and then I walk my overweight Roddy at a slow pace for 15 minutes.

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1/14/13 8:58 A

1200 is around minimum.
You may need more nutrition to fuel your body.
Like said, without more info; it's difficult to come up with a decent response

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1/14/13 8:48 A

Can you give us more details of your stats, your diet and your exercise?

It's hard to tell without more details.

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1/14/13 8:31 A

I gained weight and measurements are off. I wonder if I was given the right information to start with because I have been exercising daily and eating right around 1200 calories a day. What is wrong here???

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