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JEANNE1V Posts: 43
5/17/09 9:39 P

Could you do a search on the Atkins Diet? Wasn't that suppose to be a no carb Diet? Might help?:) Otherwise search PET scan.

TP0200 Posts: 373
3/23/09 11:14 P

oh, wow!

TP0200 Posts: 373
3/23/09 11:13 P

no carbs are so bad for you! Eat lots of meats though.

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3/16/09 6:01 P

Well, there's carbs in cheese and eggs, so if you are really going NO carb then you're only eating whole meats (not deli meat, no bacon, no sausage, etc.).

And I don't know what to suggest to make it more "exciting" since adding any sauces, marinades, and even herbs or spices will add carbs.

LINDAZ56 Posts: 2
3/16/09 2:31 P

The test is a PET scan to detect cancer cells anywhere in your body. The nurse said high protein, NO carb, no sugar because they inject you with a radioactive-type dye with glucose. Any cancer cells really like sugar, and they will grab onto the glucose and concentrate the radioactive dye in that area so it can be located (if there at all). The high protein is supposed to do something with the carbs already in your body so they don't become an issue when doing the test.

They did give me some suggestions, such as "meat", "eggs", "cheese" and to eat very little veges if possible. I just thought someone might have a more "exciting" way to only eat protein.

Thanks for your help though.

ANAVLY Posts: 2,426
3/16/09 2:16 P

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I would expect them to give you a list of food suggestions. Perhaps you can call up and ask, or, do a search using the name of your your test and see what you can eat?

Because I suspect that really it's very low carb, not no carb - even meat and eggs have some small amount of carbs.

LINDAZ56 Posts: 2
3/16/09 2:09 P

I'm scheduled for a test where I have to eat NO carb, NO sugar, HIGH protein meals for one day. I am having difficulty in finding any kind of recipes that would be NO carb (not low carb). It's not that I need to do this for a long time, I just thought I could do more than just eat meat and eggs.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My test is Wednesday morning, so I need to do this tomorrow.


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