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I use a few devices, but not the specific ones you mention. About the Nike Plus... I am not familiar with it, but it sounds like it would only be for walking and running. If so, it can probably give a reasonable estimate based on your steps, speed and distance as well as your stats. This si similar to what you see if you accurately log walking or running by the distance and speed. Only it is easier to be accurate since the device has the GPS and footpad data to use (rather than you trying to remember or figure out how far you went). Where a HRM might have an advantage with walking and running is if the route is hilly. Not sure about the Plus but a lot of GPS or step based devices will underestimate in that circumstance. But really, I think whichever you find gives you the most useful information. Then use it consistently for comparison between workouts. You could wear both together if they don't interfere with each other.

The HRM, I would use that for other activities that are not walking or running. I use an HRM for most exercise though I recognize the calorie burn estimate is most accurate specifically for cardio. I do find the heart rate data useful and it simples exercise logging for me to use my HRM to keep track of the stats and time spent doing exercise. The main reason I got an HRM is I am quite varied in my activities and the intensity also varies day to day. I do a lot of dancing and also other aerobic activities. I wasn't sure whether I was getting enough exercise since I was told by my doctor that dancing, pilates, walking, hiking don't count as exercise as I needed to add gym cardio on top (no mention of strength training). I got a HRM because I wanted to take the medical advice seriously, but was skeptical so I wanted to see if my chosen activities counted as cardio objectively. I do think it is good for activities that can vary day to day to get a feel for how hard I was working that day. And the calorie burn seems okay for me too.

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It depends on what you want to do. I wanted a watch that had a HRM strap to track calories during my runs since MMR doesn't track calories accurately without HRM - I'm a really slow runner, so my heart rate gets up pretty high even if I'm only going at a 13 minute pace. I also have a desk job, so I wanted something that told me my steps per day and warned me if I'd been inactive over an hour. I also have very tiny wrists lol. So based on style and features I needed I chose the garmin vivofit + HRM strap. I can see at any given moment the time, my steps, calories burned (BMR+activity totalled) and distance and the little red bar that shows up prompts me to get up and move. It automatically tracks my workout as a workout and tracks calorie burn once I put the HRM strap on, and it syncs to my phone and my computer. The distance isn't really accurate since I'm guessing my stride length is different than from what Garmin calculated for me, but I use MMR for distance and pace anyway so I'm not too concerned about it.

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Hi I just got the Nike plus gps watch and I'm seeing that it's a watch only for running is it possible to use it to track other workouts? It also does not come with the heartrate monitor just the sensor for your shoe...If i don't have a heart rate monitor am I getting the most from this watch?
And with the polar I was looking to exchange it for the polar rs300x or the polar ft60 then I just wonder if you can do running with these watches without the added footpod or gps sensor? will this watch register it as a workout with the heart rate? also i notice it doesnot come with any adapter to upload your information to the computer the adaptor has to be purchased separately has anyone ever used this watch with out looking at your stuff on the computer? Just lost with all this and need some direction any help is appreciated

Any advice on a good watch that will help me track all kinds of workouts? I was even looking at the garmin vivofit with heartrate monitor but it seems like it's just like a fitbit which not sure how well it tracks everything like it says either

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