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KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
7/1/12 12:40 A

It seems like pineapples are cheap and plentiful this year. Last week my grocery store was running a special on large pineapples for $1 each! I bought 6 of them and chopped and froze them to use for smoothies later. I also love the fresh cherries and berries that are available. Most of all, I am looking forward to that first ripe tomato from my garden. My dog stole and ate the first bell pepper though!

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
6/30/12 8:28 P

I've been eating this way for so many years, I done really have a new summer favorite, but I love tomatoes straight from the garden. Since my yard is over run with wildlife form the neighboring woods, the farm stand is the next beat thing! :)

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
6/30/12 8:22 P

I love the farmer's market. Fresh local produce rocks. Right now that is peaches, watermelon, cucumbers TOMATOES mmmmm, sweet onions, potatoes, cantaloupe, bell peppers, basil, and so much more.


THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,857)
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Posts: 1,830
6/30/12 7:46 P

Summer time for me always means one thing: Rainier Cherries! They are expensive but sooooo good.

It's always interesting to me to watch how certain people in my family eat so many more fruits and veggies in the summertime than any other time of the year.

TRYAGIN SparkPoints: (9,612)
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Posts: 343
6/30/12 2:31 P

Love that the berries are in season. Corn is getting cheap also.

ANNAFRECKER SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 194
6/30/12 2:17 P

Lets talk happy changes that we enjoy instead of the hard things that are so difficult to deal with when we make a lifestyle change. I absolutely LOVE all melons especially watermelon! It is way low calorie and full of potassium and very hydrating. And I love the sweet juicy taste. My kids love it and its perfect to take to barbeques and family get togethers. Not to mention you can find some killer deals aroung here for them. Another summer favorite is homemade smoothies, I use them to make popsicles for the kids instead of the sugary grocery store variety. They love them and they have fiber and protein powder in them so I have NO GUILT giving it to them. These are some of my favorite summer foods!

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