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With kids, it is very easy to have not great snack foods in the house. Try to cut back a bunch of those. Try to buy more whole foods, and eat them, even if for a little while, it is just you eating them. There will eventually be a trickle down effect, and your kids will like the fresh fruits and veggies too.

Add lots of fitness to your every day. It will be easier to do in the summer, go for walks, bike rides, and swimming with the kids. Even add regular workouts as well, and you will have great results.

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4/16/13 10:08 P

Just take it one step at a time and you will get there. Also I recently read a great article about strengthening the pelvic floor. Try adding squats to your routine and see if they help. Here is a link. Read, for those of us who have had a bunch of kids I think it is a really interesting read.

Good luck on your journey

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I am not much for putting myself out there but I am having a hard time making weight management (loss) a priority and I thought some accountability would help. I am 48 (almost) and a mother of 4 with a great husband who travels a ton. I work part time every day (summers off) and am in charge of most of the childcare although my husband is awesome with the kids when he is home. I am an emotional eater I guess- I wouldn't think so but obviously I am eating too much. I am very happy in general but stress out whenI have too much on my plate (that sounds funny) Lately I have had too much on my plate and I have gained weight and I am already overweight. I am 5'5 and 180 right now (ugh) and I really want to make my way down the scale as we head into summer. I am very active in the summertime and am freaking out a bit that I will be too big (and embarrassed) to do the kind of things I am used to doing. So, I want to be more conscience of what i eat. I love healthy food but I find it hard to get organized. So perhaps this will help? Any advise? Excercise will be tricky but I can make room. I just can't run (weak pelvic floor ) but I can walk and swim. my too younger kids are all over me kissing me right now so I can hardly type- that's all for now- Would love to hear from anyone who might be similar? Hoping to lose 43 pounds... so ready!

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