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5/23/13 9:52 A

Thank you all for responding to me! It is GREAT having someone actually out there with the same type of goals. I have posted on other boards, but it was as if I was invisible. Thank you for acknowledging my presence and giving me encouragement!!

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5/22/13 12:00 A

Welcome!! And jump into any of those conversations that catch your eye! I've yet to have anyone tell me to "butt out!" lol.....

Besides the absolutely great and informative articles, my favorite feature is the Nutrition Tracker. Its takes a bit of patience (!) to get it set up with your favorites, and inputting your favorite recipes can be downright frustrating...but then it is SO helpful...!!! You can put your meals in ahead of time...and if you don't like the profile you're ending up with, simply remove what you listed, and try again.... I especially like that you can have it track multiple nutrients, and show you reports, etc.... Great to keep yourself engaged in what you are doing!!

You'll quickly discover some of Message Boards get a little "off Track" and some of the posters have more educated responses than some of us!! Do enjoy however!!

Anyway, enuf of my prattling...go explore, and have fun!

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5/21/13 8:26 P

welcome to the site. U will find all the motivational help you need right here emoticon

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5/21/13 6:05 P

Teresa- Welcome to the forum. Join right in. Sparkpeople can be overwhelming at first but just take it slow and easy. There are so many good people on here. Lots of support and motivation. Join some teams. That is a good way to get to know people and converse with them daily. Being involved will help you stay accountable. I wish you lots of luck on your journey to a healthy life!

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5/21/13 4:03 P

Hello! I just turned 55 and realized I've gained 40 pounds in one year. I remembered my sis was very successful on SparkPeople awhile back, and I made a small attempt to support her at that time, but now I plan to make a BIG attempt!! It is all overwhelming - so much to see and do on this site! "Getting fit over 50" grabbed my attention, since that's what I want to do! I wanted to join in some of the conversations, but they all look "established."
Anyone out there? thanks! - Teresa

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