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4/18/11 4:49 P

I break out in hives too when i reach extreme stress levels, the only thing that works for me is the seasonal allergy pills, benadryl doesnt do a darn thing but the 24hr allergy pill makes them go away in 48hrs or so.

I found the creams and sprays didnt do a darn thing for me, but the allergy pill is the only one that does something for me.

Good Luck!! i know how irritating it is to know they are there, also find an outlet to distract you from the stress because they last longer as well the more you think about them.

4/18/11 4:25 P

Which "nerve pill," and how long have you been taking it? Did the hives appear before or after you started taking it? Or did you recently change the dose? It could be a reaction to the med.

Have you been eating anything differently lately? Could be an allergy.

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4/18/11 3:20 A

Wow i have had this issue for about 6 months now. Went to the doctor cost me 65 dollars for the visit and she gave me a prescription for cortizone cream which irritated it worse. It's on my face arm and hand just big patches. It gets almost cleared up and if i get stressed it flares up right now big time and here i go again. All creams irratie it i tried vinegar ect ect the only thing that calms it down alittle is medicated body powder but after awhile it just stings and burns to . Any suggestions i don't have money to go to a skin doctor and i am on a nerve pill. Generally i am a happy go lucky person and try real hard to keep things positive !

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