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8/2/14 8:56 P

I'm not sure about the different fitness bands out there and what is best for your needs, but I do know which ones that will sync with SparkPeople, which include: Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and the Spark Activity Tracker. We may add others in the future, but currently those are the only fitness devices that are able to by synced with your SparkPeople account.

Coach Denise

STREET50 Posts: 14
8/2/14 7:24 P

I've been a loyal Fitbit member since they started with their very first fitbit.
But while I still have a flex I did afterwards purchase two Forces which now cannot hold a charge. I NEED something that can track stairs but also it'd be nice if it could sync up with Sparkpeople though I am going to give Sparkpeople's tracker a try soon but i still ultimately want a nice activity band tracker.
I have been out of the activity game for a while now thanks to some surgery a death threat in the area i've been walking for many years and some major depression my weight goal has suffered.... I need to get back into the game and once again do what I was doing. Fitbit, Garmin GPS and were a huge help.
But I NEED a good band. I am completely lost in the many fitness bands now. It would be nice if it syncs up with Sparkpeople and I hear Garmin's Vivofit does however i don't think it does stairs, Runtastics Orbit isn't out yet but i don't think it does stairs either, I will once again start using my flex this week but it doesn't do stairs...
Withings o2 pulse seems like a great choice as I do have their scale and i know it tracks stairs and i'm sure it'd sync up to sparkpeople am i correct? But I haven't heard a single person say that theirs has lasted more then a few months.

So many choices and my heads about to explode over all this research i'm doing and lets face it i'm not even hitting the tip of the iceberg of the options for fitness bands now.
I will say right away that i'm not at all interested in the Jawbone and while i think it's the best looking i'm not interested in the nikefuelband.

I'd probably go right ahead with the Withings o2 but like i said I don't know anyone who's getting it to last more then a few months.

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