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10/8/11 7:08 A

Dear Coach Nancy

Thank you very much for your help and your advice. For me, I love to exercise and I used to exercise every day but for the past 3 weeks when I started the weird cycle I am in now, I stopped exercising and I can see the result of this in my stomach and my shape:( it is a sad thing really but I am trying to return again to my healthy lifestyle and as you said I will start keeping a journal, I found that writing my thoughts and what I eat really helps

Thank you again for all your help it really means alot to me emoticon

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10/5/11 9:17 A


First of all congrats on your success so far. You have done an amazing job! You talked about your relationship with food, but are you doing any form of exercise?

While I can't specifically speak of your situation, for many of us getting stuck in a diet mentality can keep us trapped in an unhealthy way we view this journey we are on.

Unlocking the door as to why we binge is probably one of the toughest parts of the journey.

First of all recognize that many times we are led to a binge because physiologically we allowed ourselves to get too hungry therefore as the old saying goes when we are exposed to food, many times "our eyes are bigger than our stomachs."

Secondly, you must really decide if you are truly hungry, or if you are eating out of stress, boredom, because you are tired or lonely, etc, etc. This is honing in on what I call, "the why we do, what we do, when we do it" scenario. This is where keeping a journal is a VERY helpful tool as it will help you see if there is a pattern with your bingeing.

Thirdly, know that when we continually deprive ourselves or make certain foods off limits, many times this draws us even more so to them. There are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods, just choices. But if you allow yourself to occasionally have them (this is where planning is key), they no longer carry the stigma of thinking this will be it. And of course for me that meant I was less then perfect, therefore I would allow guilt to move, therefore I would abandon my plan until I was ready to try to lose weight more.

Lastly, know that you are in full control over the food. In other words, food does not have control over us unless we allow it to.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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10/5/11 4:42 A

Hi sparkpeople:) this is my first time to write anything in the message board in my life and I never thought that I need to write it but today I really need help and felt that I need to write and ask for advice not from my family or friends but from the people who are going through the same thing as I am.

I really need motivation and a push to keep going again till I lose the last few pounds and stop it from getting back. The problem is that I lost 44 pounds thank god I never thought that that was possible at all and everyone who see me either dont know me at first or is totally shocked that they are silent for a few seconds. I know that it is a wonderful weight loss and that it should be my motivation however I originally lost 50 pounds and I gained 4 pounds in one week and each day I pig out and eat anything and everything when I am even NOT hungry at all. I just enter the kitchen EAT EAT & EAT for NO REASON. So i thought I might be emotional eating or something but I wasnt sad or depressed at first. But when I found that the weight is coming back I of course became depressed and I am now in the self destruction phase and I dont know what to do.

I even put on the fridge a message to stop me from pigging out and the best picture for me BUT for some reason I EAT & look at the picture and feel like it is mocking me...telling me THAT I cant do it, that why I am even trying when I gained weight pigging out and stop working out or doing anything

I really do need help... I want to lose another 10 to 15 pounds and I feel that for what I am doing now to my body I will be the same as I was in the year before. I dont want to lose a year worth of hard work to go away emoticon

Thank you for listening to me

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