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4/27/14 1:03 A

Hey, checking in on ya. Hope all is well with you.

9/23/13 6:04 A

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and postive outlook. Yes, you are day, one step at a time. I am meeting my mom after a long day of work today for a walk. I went out yesterday for an outing and it involved walking and being on my feet and it was a beautiful day. I ate better than I had in a long time and have my calories counted out and planned for today. That's today. tomorrow I cannot deal with right now.

CAROLEE99 Posts: 17
9/23/13 4:05 A

I like your style and out look. I also dance because I love music and it is the easiest and most pleasurable exercise for me. Next thing I know I have been boogieing for 45 minutes. I got a small trampoline to dance on. It puts a spring in my step. BUT yes there are the down times when I cant get motivated to do it. Like today. I have too much to do to stop and exercise. AND I gained a couple of pounds this week. I read what you wrote and tomorrow I promise to push it better. Thanks for the encouraging words.

9/22/13 9:42 P

Maybe in sending words of encouragement to you, I'll reinforce some of the same things for myself. I am new to trying to change my lifestyle for a healthier one. All I will say to you is take things one day at a time. Sometimes when looking at the distance we have to cross, we get overwhelmed and discouraged. Take one step, look immediately in front of you and not down the road, then take another step. When you think of taking a step it seems small and achievable. Rest assured those steps add up and before you know it you've closed the gap on that long distance. Maybe taking a walk for a couple blocks and back is more feasible than a full blown workout. To be honest with you, sometimes I put on my headphones in the house and dance for 30 mins like I was on stage dancing for a major music star! Don't laugh, it saves a trip to the gym! The days my knees hurt and I don't feel like doing anything, I don't and I don't beat myself up for it. Doesn't matter how many times we fall down (and life has a way of knocking you down plenty), what counts is the number of times we get back up. So stand tall, dust yourself off and take that one step! You can and will do it!

9/22/13 8:31 P

thanks so much for responding. I will definitely start small and give myself credit for each positive step I make

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
9/22/13 6:58 P

Honestly you need to start fresh. We all have set backs and we all have troubles, what makes us is how we overcome these things. So start new and start slow, all progress is progress.

I too am bound to my desk so I’ll share some of my strategy with you. Stand as often as possible, walk to speak to your co workers rather than use the phone or email, even if it’s across the building. Every hour I take 1-2 mins and do a little exercise. Sometime it’s a few push-ups or crunches or just a walk around the building. If you can’t get outside just mach in place for a bit, all movement counts just get out of the chair! Consider biking to work it will help you lose weight, wake you up better than coffee and save you money (gas, oil, drive through food).
For your emotional eating I would recommend a food journal, not just for tracking calories but also so you can look back a few times a week and get eyes on WHY you eat. Let us face it we don’t always eat just because we are hungry, a lot of time we are bored or sad or angry ect. 1-2 times a week look back through your journal and just make note of what you wrote. You don’t need to judge yourself or be mad about what you see simply see it and ingrain it into yourself so the next time you reach for food you can stop and ask yourself what you are feeling. The mindfulness will help a lot.
To begin eating a more good for you selection start small, maybe just replacing one unhealthy snack (a muffin) with one healthy snack (celery) just one choice is all it takes to start.

I hope you find a great path and can start getting to a place you like.
Best of luck to you!

9/22/13 11:34 A

I have fallen way off the wagon and gained back alot of weight I had worked so hard to lose. I had some really tough stuff to handle this past year and many of the issues have resolved and I went for help for the depression and anxiety the stress caused. Now I have to deal with the reality of losing alot of weight all over again. I cannot seem to find the motivation and I feel sluggish and fat. My appetite is out of control. One thing I did discover is that I am still and most likely will always be an emotional eater so I have to find a way around that. I need suggestions on how to find my motivation and stay motivated and ways to suppress my appetite and get it under control. Money is an issue and I do not always have the money to food shop for the foods I should be eating so I have decided to just count calories on the food tracker. I have a desk job where I sit for 8 or more hours a day and have a long commute so fitting in exercise right now is difficult especially since I am exhausted from carrying the extra weight around. I am looking for a job closer to home to give me that extra time I used to have in the morning to exercise. Just really overwhelmed by the amount of weight I need to lose to get back to where I was. HELP!!!

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