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11/27/13 10:17 A

Thanks Waterone,
I am thinking I should bump it up as well as I have done all the switch ups and changed routines etc. I have added more weight I have ran I have mixed up everything including diet short of adding in more food. (calories per day) Scary tho I don't know if I could eat that much per day HA HA But we will give it a shot.

Clothes haven't changed since June. Like I say its like I am stuck but I know once my body gives in to it I will start getting results I am sure of that. At least I am getting stronger everyday and that helps for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you if you are from US ...

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11/27/13 9:37 A

If your clothes are fitting differently, then that's progress. The scale is a very fickle, unpredictable measure of how much weight you've lost since your weight fluctuates by upto 5lbs everyday.

11/27/13 8:50 A

You're not alone. I am having the exact same problem. I joined a gym June 1st and have been consistently working out. The first 3 months, I lost 7 lbs and 6 1/2 % body fat, but the last 3 months, the scale hasn't moved at all. At the beginning of Nov, I switched to a cross fit type class 2x week plus cardio 2-3 times a week thinking that would get results but I weighed in with the trainer this morning and still no change. I know that I am much stronger physically, my cardiovascular health has improved. My clothes are fitting differently but I am at a loss as to what to do next. I think I'm going to meet with a dietitian.

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11/27/13 8:11 A

Linda, one of the things I've seen recommended again and again in fitness articles on SP is to change your exercise routines around after you've been doing them for some time. Your muscles 'learn' the exercise and don't have to work as hard even tho you are really working hard. Perhaps you need to switch things around, do a different type of cardio at least a couple of times a week, instead of weights use machines or bands or body weight strengthening exercises for a month and see if the weight loss begins again.

I'd also recommend increasing your calorie intake to 1600-1700 per day because it is very true that if you are not eating enough while increasing your exercise, your metabolism will slow because your body is afraid of 'starving'. Seems counter intuitive, I know, but it would be worth trying for a month or two. (I was a Registered Dietitian and worked with people on diet and lifestyle change for 20 years before stopping to be a stay at home mom.)

LINDAT1970 Posts: 566
11/26/13 9:24 A

Thanks so much for the comments...
I have been using heavier weights... I do see definition but no other changes. I love my HIIT and Tabata workouts as well.. I am on my third time through Body Revolution and with heavy weights... I also do other workouts as well that by the time I am done my muscles and body feel it. I am thinking I should get a heart rate monitor for Christmas :)

As for counting food I am very much on top of tracking my food and being accountable for everything that goes into my mouth. I have no real issues with the food as I am not a snacker and enjoy eating healthy.

I won't quit I know that much I just need to figure what is going on...

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11/25/13 6:12 P

Exercise effectiveness is really about the QUALITY of exercise, not its duration. Working up a sweat is really an indicator of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc) rather than an effective workout.

Your heart rate is definitely a much better indicator of cardio effectiveness - once you can work out for 30-40 minutes, you are much better off with adding more intensity to your workout, rather than more time.

And strength training is ALL about how closely you are challenging your muscles to their maximum potential. You should be lifting heavy and aiming to fatigue your muscles in just 4-12 reps (fatigue means you feel you cannot do another rep with the correct form). Using light weights where you can do 20+ reps, or doing them very quickly, just isn't effective strength training.

The other thing to watch is whether you are truly eating 1500 calories. You need to account for every lick, bite and taste (including beverages). Also, portion sizing matters - if you are just 'eyeballing' things, it is easy go over 'standard' portion sizes in calorie counters. Take a look at
for some guidelines. (Nothing personal intended in the above - it's just a common source of error).


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11/25/13 5:50 P

I have a goal I'm trying to hit by March... So I know what you mean, I hit a plateau at around the same number of pounds lost (right around 12) and the scale didn't budge for a whole month! BUT, on the other hand my inches were shrinking. My trainers decided to switch up my food, they actually have me eating five to six times a day and UPPED my calorie intake which was around 1150 per day (more healthy fats and proteins) to go along with the increased physical activity, once I started doing that, my weight started to drop again. They keep telling me that losing the extra is 60% diet and 40% physical... I'm starting to believe them.

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11/25/13 2:18 P

are you measuring and tracking your food?

are you 'changing it up' as far as exercise?

HIIT has usually worked to move me past plateaus. I like Tabata workouts, jump rope, and sprints. But if you are not measuring everything you ingest, that would be the first place to start. Also watch your sodium intake.

otherwise, as DH tells me - "you are doing the right things. Just keep doing them, and you WILL get results."

LINDAT1970 Posts: 566
11/25/13 1:57 P

I have been on this fitness adventure since Jan 1 2013. I was doing so great during the first 6 months. I lost a ton of inches and some weight too. I am 43 .. I work evening shift only until 1130 usually home and in bed by 1230 ... I eat well , not a big snacker at all .. I rarely go over my 1500 calories a day. I do not smoke and do not drink (other than the occasional glass of red wine on social visits) now here is my dilema...

I have been working out harder and longer since August. I aim for 75 -90 mins per day 4 times a week then on the lighter days I just stick to 60. I work up a huge sweat and vary with cardio and tons of strength training. i am currently in Phase 1 of Body Revolution and Doing extra video's with Jessica smith. I take one day off per week.

My scale hasn't budged............. my inches haven't budged.... I feel I am working out like a mad woman and getting no where at all.... Health wise I am very healthy only thing I have is low blood pressure. .

Any one have any ideas??

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